50 Best Stock Trading Tips for Beginners

By | November 23, 2016

If you are free and thinking about earn money then trading is best which is smart way for earn money.If you are now  interested in investment in to the trading then most important is know its basic funda.

Earn money with trading is not the big tasks but proper direction and way are key of success in trading.

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If you are thinking about learn trading by reading some book then  William O’Neil’s book  “24 Essential Lessons for Investment Success” is the best book. We first completed this book and my experience is great.

This book is great resource of stock tips for begineers. there are tons of great trading tips which is highlighted at the end of the each chapter.

And here we represented  50 trading tips by help of  summarise of this book.material in this book is best due to its simplicity.its simple so better for understanding purpose.this is most widely prefer by the invester.


50 best stock trading tips

50 best stock trading tips | intraday trading tips | tips to invest in stock market



1.  if you are new invester than ready for take some small losses.

2. in the trading world persistence is key so don’t get discouraged.

3. Always cut your stock when losses is below 8 % of your purchase.

4. in trading you are not became rich overnight its take some time.

5. if you are now starting in the trading business than its very important to know broker he/she has good track  record.

6. at the starting beginner  create cash account not use margin account.

7. at the starting initial work only take $500 to $1000.not take very high risks.experience make better teacher.

8. in this business don’t need of emotionality.follow all the rules of buying and selling.emotion is change your mind.

9. concentrate only few high valuable and high quality stocks not focus on more than 20.

10. not invest in such volatile type of stocks such has depend on the future.

11. Choose proper trading style. online trading has plenty of different forms so take care to choose style of trading. different forms like day trading , weekly trading , monthly trading so which trading you interested that choose before start it.

12. connected with online successful stock traders. if you are connected to your successful friends  at starting interval of trading than it is most useful.

13. Match your trading style with lifestyle is the most important.that means if you are select day trading then it has required all 24 hour with computer screen so be careful before select.

14. before invest you need to proper education about the that shares its important otherwise its became reasons for the unsuccessful.

15. select such type of broker that match with your trading style.

16. use low risk and get high reward technique at starting.

17. know when to sell your stock.its very important because reduce loss and get profit.

18. only trades the best stocks so get higher chances for earn high profit.

19. make sure your trading work for all markets.

20. Adjustment of your profit expectations is important.

21. Respect the risks.every business is not successful with first trial so don’t  afraid with failure.

22. create one notes and write all basic funda of trading you learn so its help in reduce mistake during trading.

23. Also Take care of your self is important. over excitation is very harmful  for trading.

24. don’t invest profit money in same trade.

25. Don’t buy such stocks which have very low value because such company is not very trust-able.

26. Always learning from stocks market winner so it help you to became next winner.

27. Analysis is the most important for get better result so create analysis after profit and loss also.

28. combination skill of fundamental and technical of about your stocks is important for get winning stocks.

29. collect all detail about the stock company earnings, earnings growth, sales, profit margins, and return on equity among other things. it help you to decide it buy or not.

30. before buy  stock built some technical analysis stock’s price and volume chart so it help you take decision properly.

31. for get high profit you want to buy stocks of very best company at the right time.

32. proper timing of selling of stocks is the important for get high profit.

33. Target stocks of leading industry groups so risks level is reduce.

34. Big stocks are come forms drugs and medical, computers, communications technology, software, specialty retail, and leisure and entertainment.

35. in this trading business you get what you pay in the market.

36. if you have only $500 or less than then you invest only one or two stocks only.

37. if you are buy some banks stocks than first saw its deflection in some time interval than buy it.

38. Stocks never go up by accident. so be aware about the market and get updated.

39. Pivot point of the stocks is important for buying it.

40. before buy stocks also check its pivot point, past defection , and level of acceleration.

41. History is always repeats in the trading business.

42. Always ignore personal opinions about the market.

43. Chart service is the best for determine the right time for buy stocks.

44. At the starting period of trading only invest in domestic stocks or mutual funds.

45. sell the stocks immediately if its price is gradually decreasing for reduce loss.

46. if you have reasonable profit than don’t became too much hungry of money.

47. at the starting buy desired amount of stocks if stocks price is increasing 2% than buy some stocks.

48. if you have already buy some stocks and than buy some other portfolio and if you are in profit than sell some stocks.

49. before buy stocks concentrate your eye on several stocks movement and then decide which you want to buy stocks.

50. investors are not aware stocks price is get up or down so before you connected with some trade expert and some experience person it help you decide proper strategy to buy stocks.


Final words:i hope this Article [2016] 50 best stock trading tips is helpful for get proper direction for the trading business.if you have any view about this article than give us replied.we will forward too give you support.for more information stay connected with us.and final share this post as much as possible. because sharing is caring.

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