How to Download Periscope for Window PC and Laptop?

By | September 7, 2017

Periscope for PC And Laptop Desktop: Periscope is social networking app.which is used for the Live video streaming.which is Developed by the Twitter Inc.With the help of the periscope app, you can Do free Broadcast of the videos.

Periscope app becomes so much popular just because of its Awesome feature of live video streaming.This periscope app is initially launched on the IOS platform But Now it is also available on the android platform.

But today Lots of people want to use periscope app On windows Pc and Laptop (Desktop).Basically this periscope app in not for the Pc But with help of some secret tips and tricks You can smoothly use this app on you pc and Laptop.

So Here we share some secret tips and tricks for the Downloading periscope on your pc and laptop.

Download Periscope for Window PC and Laptop

Periscope App

Periscope App is for the Broadcast live video.Now today Most of people are started using periscope app for the live broadcast of their Birthday party, enjoying wedding video, Music event, your’s funny snaps, wishes your friend on Special occasions watching movies on your laptop, computer and others.

When You started Broadcast with the periscope app Your Follower also gets the notification of it and they can also watch, like and comment on your live streaming video.

In this periscope app some advanced feature is also provided, just like of if your some of your follower is just missed your live streaming on periscope then here some feature is called ‘Replay’ with help of the this feature your follower is again watch your video streaming.

you need just turn on this feature for your followers.Now if we compare this periscope app with the Instagram then in Instagram not provided any this type of feature. In Instagram App After living streaming is automatically deleted.You will also get some of the best feature install pericope app.

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So Now get ready for my Awesome trick for the How to Download Periscope for Window PC and Laptop (Windows 8/7/10)

Recently Twitter also comes with its new feature of live video streaming.If you are the user of the Twitter social site then when you open Twitter then You will find periscope icon for the Live streaming.

But for Live streaming, you just need to download and install the periscope app on your smartphone.

For Live video streaming on twitter, You just need to Click on the periscope app icon which is seen in your twitter app.

When you became Life then all your follower is also getting some notification of it. During this Live session, all Viewer also interacts with you.

periscope for twitter


How to Download Periscope for PC or Laptop Windows and Mac?

We talk to say that Periscope is officially not available for the Pc and Laptop or any other Desktop system.But with the help of some of best Android emulator for pc, we can use periscope app in our pc.

Before some time Not any available any Emulator that time not possible to use periscope app in pc.But Today technology is upgraded and now it’s Possible to use Any Android app in pc with Emulator Software.

If you download Periscope App for Windows 8.1 (10/8/7) then your Pc must require some software like Andy OS or Bluestack As emulator for Run This App on your pc.

But I prefer Here Bluestacks because it is easy to access And Also It allows to multiple WhatsApp on your pc.

Step to Download Periscope for PC and Laptop

#1. First Download The Android emulator Software for the You Pc Or Laptop.If You Don’t have this software then Download From Here

#2. After Completing Downloading of the Bluestacks, start the installation process by just click on the install button.And Properly install on your Windows 10 or Windows 8/8.1/7 PC Laptop or Mac Computer.

#3. After the completing the installation process, open the bluestacks Software.

#4. Now After Open the Google Play store In your smartphone

#5. Now Search Periscope in your search bar and then click on periscope app then click the install button.Here You have seen Two apps but you download first one periscope app.

#6. Now after opening the Apps Menu –> then open the app and start using with a periscope on windows Desktop.This all method is also applicable if you download periscope app in your Mac/pc/laptop/Desktop.

#7. Now after use can use periscope app with your Pc’s mouse or keyboard or touch screen.

#8. Now after this you can watch any videos of peoples, friends, celebrity by following them.

What are features of Periscope for PC

  • Periscope App provides people based network on twitter here we doing follow/unfollow to a specific person.
  • With help of the Periscope app, we can do best live video streaming with our family, friends, relative and much group of peoples.
  • If you want to live to broadcast with some private specific peoples then here you can select some of the private member and also create some private broadcasting on periscope app.
  • Here the user can also See if they are the superfans of the anyone else.
  • When you come on live Broadcasting then the user also receives the notification and they can join, comment and also like your Live broadcasting. 
  • Here you can also create some of the change of the privacy policy of periscope app.
  • Periscope app also suggests you join new peoples and follow new peoples and make new friends and create a chat with them.
  • Here in periscope app, you can also share your own interests.
  • Here also you can search peoples by its Location Or Topic.
  • If you missed the live broadcasting then don’t worry here some “Re-play” feature is also provided.
  • At instantly you can also share your live streaming on another social site, like Twitter, Facebook Etc.

How to download Periscope for PC by using Apk file on Blustacks:

For use periscope App in your Pc just you want to Download Periscope Apk file from the periscope website or from HERE.

After completing the downloading periscope Apk file just search its location in your pc and then install this Apk.

After completing the Apk File Open the bluestacks.

Now go to the bluestacks and go for app menu and open periscope app and then enjoy the live streaming of periscope on your pc.


So I  hope This guide How to Download Periscope for Window PC and Laptop(Window/Mac/iPhone/Ipad)., which is much help you to download  and install live video streaming app periscope on your computer.

But if you have any other problem regarding this guide then you can comment below we try our best to help you.

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