Free click dslr type photo in your Android Device

By | November 14, 2016

Today in selection of smartphones camera is a essential all the consumer like to search camera like best in camera a day to day dslr camera demand is increasing so people like get the photo like dslr.

here we are introduced one easy,free and simple tricks for click the photo like dslr with your Android device and one which is fully free and 100 % working.

Here we also give you some photo proof through you easily understood.dslr lover always search like blur image background editor,dslr photo editor,online dslr photo editor,dslr photography.this is exact solution for that people.

So lets start dslr type photo click by Android free app google we represented all the step of this tricks so follow all the step.


Go to the below link and download the Android free App Google camera



After completion of downloading then open the google camera application.then you slide the display ans you saw many option like photo sphere,panorama,lens blur,camera,video




After click on the left top three line button and then click on the lens blur and then your camera is open and focus your camera on the object and then click the button and After its say that Slowly raise your device keep subject centered.




After its Automatically start process that you saw in display then after rendering the process after click on the second option on the display.



Step :5

Then after set its exposer and click on the done button.then after you can saw that only object is focus other portion is blur you can also saw by create zoom picture.


this app is not get 100% result like dslr camera but i can definately say that you will saw photo to another friend than it surely say that this is capture by the dslr camera.

we definately say on its because we try this app before day and get some awesome experience.

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