Pocket Morty Guide : In Depth Guide To Collect All Mortys

By | October 14, 2017

If you love to play Pocket Morty game then this is a must-read guide for you. Pocket Morty is an insanely addictive game by Adult Swim company.  I am mainly for beginner players and helping them how they can play the game and survive till last. But if you are an advanced player of the game, then you should also read this guide because you might something useful to improve your game. So let’s go ahead and check out this amazing pocket morty guide.

Pocket Morty Guide

1. Learn To Get Around

While playing the game, you should learn to your way around. You should know some important areas like the Healer and Day Care (they’re close by), Rick’s Sales, the Portal and the area where you can find other ricks. You don’t need to interact with other characters. If they have an exclamation mark above them, then you can interact with them. You can also find smaller money buy the machine and crafting machine.

2. Get Your Badges

You should defeat more Ricks so that you can get more badges. If you are having more badges then you can purchase more items from the store. When you get our first badge then you unlock Morty Manipulator chip which is one of the important items in the pocket morty game. This chip allows you to collect more mortys as you meet them while traveling through the portal.  

3.Collect everything in new areas

When you have traveled through the portal then you are sent to randomly generated area. While reaching at this place, make sure you explore it completely. While exploring it also important that you fight and defeat as many trainers as possible. Each of the ares has special items in it which is used for crafting. You just need to pick up and free mortys are also there to collect. Make sure you get them all and after getting only you head to battles.

4. How To Catch And Collect Mortys

Before heading to the battle against Feral Mortys found in the wild, you must have collect Morty Manipulator Chip from Rick’s Shop. While fighting with Feral Mortys, you need to lower their health as much as possible which makes them weak. Once they are weak, you can use your chip. By using chip, you will collect that morty and it will join your party automatically. If you have collected many mortys and your party is full then new mortys which you will collect, they will be automatically stored in the Day Care in the Citadel. By doing so, you will never lose a captured Morty.

5. Learn the elements of your Mortys

While playing game and defeating other morty, you need to learn each and every element of your mortys. Each of the morty belongs to the specific element like rock, paper or scissors. Rock is the most powerful among them. Rock has the power to defeat scissors. Scissors can defeat paper and paper beats rock. It’s always recommended to have all these three elements with you so that you can send them to battle according to the on the elements you’re facing. This leads to win you the battle. Learning more about your morty’s elements will help you to Pocket Mortys Crafting

So these are the some tips and tricks to stay alive and collect all the mortys in game till last. If you have any extra advice for fellow players, then feel free to comment.

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