10 Characteristics of Great Students

Whether you are writing an essay on the characteristics of great students or trying to shape your college admissions paper, you may be wondering what it is exactly that makes a great student. Is it their ability to extend a hand and be a statistics homework helper or a willingness to stand out as a leader? The reality is that each student is unique and to be an excellent student, you do not have to possess any specific skillset. Some of the following characteristics, however, help make students stand out.

1. They Possess A Willingness to Work Hard

Natural talent does not always make for a great student. The students who stand out the most are those who are willing to put in the work to learn. Rather than relying on innate ability or giving up when they come across a challenging topic, a hard-working student will have the perseverance to overcome their limitations. They will continue exploring the topic until they understand it, rather than giving up or hoping for the best.

2. They Have Ability to Ask Questions

Asking questions encourages learning. When students do not understand a topic, asking questions gives them an opportunity to clarify. It also lets teachers know that they need to explain further or explain in a different way. Asking questions is also critical for inspiring the desire to learn. Most students are avid learners—the problem is that they are not given the opportunity to explore the topics that interest them most.

3. They Are Self-Motivated

Even though skilled teachers often have the ability to motivate their students, students who are self-motivated excel more naturally. When a student has the ability to motivate themselves, they excel at meeting their own goals and are generally successful. This motivation also gives them the ability to overcome obstacles instead of folding under pressure.

4. They Can Lead

Students who lead naturally stand out as people who are not afraid to voice their opinion and those who are trustworthy. They may be looked up to and function well under pressure. The ability to lead is one that can carry students through their school career, as well as through life. Leaders become politicians, successful business people, and innovators.

5. They Are Involved

Some of the most intelligent students keep to themselves, but intelligence is not the only marker of a great student. Most great students are involved with the world around them, whether dedicating all their time to a single extra-curricular activity or choosing several. Extra-curricular activities let students explore sports, politics, and various skills they wouldn’t be able to with traditional learning. Developing in these areas helps them stand out, improves social development, and helps students gain confidence. These factors are all important to academic success.

6. They Are Well-Behaved

Schools rarely go out of their way for students who don’t want to maximize their full potential, regardless of how intelligent they are. Students who are well-behaved, however, will find academic doors more open. As they follow rules and act respectfully, the school administration is more likely to work with them to help them achieve their goals. For example, imagine that a student approached their professor to ask for a recommendation letter for their college application. A student who is well-behaved is much more likely to get that recommendation than one who has spent the entire semester disturbing class.

7. They Are Trustworthy

Trustworthiness reflects heavily on a student’s character. It is reflected in the decisions they make, their ethics, and the company they keep. By being trustworthy, students set themselves up for success as a leader. They also ensure they create solid relationships socially and academically. Trustworthiness makes a student have access to freedoms that they might not otherwise (like permission to use the computer lab after school hours) and develop healthy social relationships.

8. They Are Problem Solvers

People who solve problems see opportunities where others see obstacles. The problems they solve are not just academic in nature—they stem from everyday life. Problem solvers work well in groups, excel at conflict resolution, and are generally set up for success in life because there is no obstacle they can’t overcome. They will reflect on an idea until they come up with the best solution.

9. They Have Support Systems

Having a support system is invaluable to students. Unfortuantely, students cannot always choose the people that they have supporting them (or not supporting them) as they strive to reach their educational goals. The students most likely to succeed are those who have people rooting for them when they believe they may fail. These people can also motivate them and offer help when needed.  

10. They Seize Opportunities

It is not enough for students to possess any of these skills—they must use these skills in a way that lets them use the opportunities available to them. Education is a privilege and by taking full advantage, students with this characteristic set themselves up for success. They are not afraid of what the world has to offer because they know that there are opportunities available to them.


Whether you are crafting a personal narrative for writemypaper123.com to review or trying to earn a place at a college, recognizing your strengths is a great place to start. Look over the list above and note which of the skills you possess. Then, craft your narrative or application essay around that strength.

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