Artificially intelligent website builders are here

Not long ago, an HTML website was considered more than enough to deliver the message. The trend soon shifted to sophisticated, well-designed, and more user-friendly websites.

Things are different now.

If I ask you how to build an ecommerce website, you’d tell me to hire professional website designers and coders to have your e-commerce website designed or you’ll tell me to use Selz to sell products online or you might guide me to go for a CMS.

Well, there is now a better and easier way to start an e-commerce website.

Website Builder

Introducing the artificial intelligent website builders

A traditional website builder is a drag-and-drop builder with a user-friendly interface such as those available with Weebly, Selz, Yola, Jimdo, and others. Anyone can create a website from a website builder easily in a few minutes.

The website builders have been updated and there are a few companies that use Artificial Intelligence (AI). An AI website builder is supposed to be far better than its counterparts and the websites are said to outperform non-AI websites.

Wix, Firedrop, and Grid are the three known brands that have announced their AI website builders. They are still working on their builders and are expected to be out soon.

How AI website builders work?

The all-important question is how these AI website builders work and how good (or at least different) such a website will be?

The AI website builder asks a few questions. Based on the answers, a highly customized website is created on complete autopilot. A website can be created in as low as 2 minutes. All you have to do is answer the questions and that’s it.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Technically, the AI is an algorithm with hundreds and hundreds of layouts, designs, navigations, content, etc. Based on the answers of the users, a perfect combination of all the factors is developed and a ready-made website is created.

Are these websites better than their counterparts?

Wix introduced its first AI designed website which can be seen here.

It is hard to say anything at this moment as all the AI website builders are still under construction and no brand has launched its builder officially.

In terms of time efficiency, the AI builders outperform traditional website builders and even coders and designers by a huge margin. Think of your website and it is ready, tweak it a bit, and launch it immediately. It is just a game of a few minutes.

In terms of design and coding efficiency, it might not be a great option. It is obvious that it cannot beat a hardcore programmer. But let’s not degrade the new system that is yet to launch.

In terms of cost efficiency, you cannot beat the AI website builders. In fact, one of the primary purposes of developing these AI builders was to provide cost-effective and instant access to websites to small business.

The way forward

Brands like Wix and Grid are, of course, of the view that artificially intelligent website builders are what their users demand. They wish to help the users by creating professional websites painlessly.

Weebly, on the other hand, sees AI website builders as over-hyped. It is one of the many companies that is not working on any AI website builders instead it is interested in investing in web design process.

Users will soon have one more option available to them when it comes to creating a website. It will give access to cost-effective and professional websites to small businesses. If it does that, we have to consider the AI builders successful.

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