Which is the Best Automatic SEO Tool?

Before we get into Automatic SEO, let’s first understand what Search Engine Optimization is. Regardless of the size or the industry, every business needs a website to list and market their essential products or services. Anyone with a site knows that search engine optimization is an ongoing effort to improve the website’s organic search ranking and stay ahead of their competitors. SEO is a nitty-gritty game of keywords. You not only need to carefully plan and execute your strategies but also based on the performance you would have to change or tweak your approach. However, the fact is SEO requires dedication, and that’s where SEO tools come in. These tools can add value to your SEO efforts to improve your page rank and help you increase the visibility of your website. We have compiled top 5 best automation SEO tools that reduce your manual SEO efforts. Based on your SEO requirements, you can choose the best fit for your business.

Top 5 Automatic SEO Tools


RedTim websites are built on Automatic SEO technology. Every page you create on the RedTim website is optimized for local discovery in search results. The site assures you are always connected with your local audience. Search engines recognize your website based on your location and the keywords used in your content. When you post new content on your site, the website generates a unique SEO- friendly URL based on your keywords and tags it to your business location.  Meaning, the website helps you improve your business visibility online for relevant people. The RedTim websites eliminate your dependencies on an SEO expert.

Cost: From US $25/month. 30 days Free trial available.

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SEMrush is an SEO and search analytics software that helps you to analyze your competitors content and create well-crafted SEO-friendly content. It gives you intelligent reports regarding  SEO-related data like website traffic information and keywords projected AdWords spend. All you need to do is enter the keyword you need to target in your content. It will give an SEO content template by analyzing Google’s top 10-ranking pages for the keyword you are targeting. It will also tell you how many words your blog should have to rank well in search engines along with related target keywords.

Cost: From US $99.95/month. 30 days Free trial available.


Ahrefs is one of the most robust marketing suites of social media & SEO tools. Most of the SEO experts consider it as the most magnificent “backlink checker”. Along with being a “backlink checker,  Ahrefs has features that can help you with the marketing work to merely staring at your links and track ranking keywords. It also includes URL rating that tells you the quality and quantity of the given link. It can help you with your SEO as the quality of your link helps you to boost your ranking in search engines.  

Cost: From US $179/month. 7 days trial for US $7 available.


MarketMuse AI-based content optimization software that helps you to accelerate your content planning, creation and optimization. It analyzes your focus topic and provides content brief that guides the writers to create a content that ranks well in search engines. It uses two patented topic models to develop posts that cover all bases, without the guesswork. MarketMuse also recognizes content quality concerns on your site and builds blueprints that will explain how to write to cover a topic comprehensively.

Cost: From US $500/month. No trial available.


BuzzSumo is an excellent tool that helps you to identify what content is performing well quickly. Paste the article of which you want details in BuzzSumo search bar, and it will give you features like content insights – the most shared content across all social networks, content alerts – see content mentioning your keyword; or when an author or competitor publishes new content, competitor analysis – track your competitor’s content performance and make detailed comparisons.

Cost: From US $79/month. 7 days Free trial available.

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