Review : best headphone HiFiMan HE400S

Hello, guys; you Read this post that means you love to listening songs.most of songs lover are finding best quality Headphone for satisfies his/her passion.

Therefore we have select best headphone from no of headphones which are available in the market.And then write post [2016] Review: best headphone HiFiMan HE400S.

guys if you find such best headphone under 500 $ then don’t worry I suggest you HiFiMan HE400S is the best one.

I collect some detail information of different Headphones, and then I review the list and found that HiFiMan HE400S is awesome from that list.

If you are searching planar magnetic drivers Headphone, audiophile bass headphones, planar magnetic speakers headphone but your budget is not high enough than HiFiMan HE400S is the best option for you.

Here we represent Review of the HiFiMan let’s started. headphone HiFiMan HE400S


best headphone HiFiMan HE400S review


#.Design , specification of HiFiMan HE400S

These headphones give you planar magnetic drivers at an Affordable price.If we talk about its Design that it is more comfortable over-ear.

It has supported casings.These casings are completely enveloped ears.

when you Resting around ears than you feel more comfortable.

Its folding mechanism is also too much soft.This headphone is open-backed it is most important.

in this headphone back side of the headphone drivers, allowing the sound to push outwards so that people sitting next to you will be able to hear what you’re listening.

So this headphone is unsuitable for office work.HiFiMan HE400S is best for home use.

Its open backed design has the advantage also you can see the planar magnetic has plastic casings so look bit cheap.Its frequency response range of 20-35,000Hz.

Its impedance of 22O has and a sensitivity rating of 98dB.Its weighs 350g.The cable is fabric-coated.


best headphone HiFiMan HE400S review

#.working performance of HiFiMan HE400S

Now talk about its performance than we use a different device for its testing including Fiio X1, an iBasso DX80, OnePlus 3, etc.

we also use the regular running laptop for its has a low impedance of headphone which helps to amplification of sound.

these headphone is best for amplification of in HiFiMan HE400S we get a considerably better result by two high-resolution DAPs that we used.

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At the starting significant impact on the openness of sound.but in the case of close back slight reverberations and the bounce-back effect that can be heard.

In over case, the sound feels vast and real, without any of the synthetic characteristics of closed headphones.


best headphone HiFiMan HE400S review


It provides a sound that’s like incredibly neutral.

that is Also Allow for a sound that is close to audiophile-level, letting you feel and enjoy tracks in a natural form.

This gives incredible sound quality.Its sonic separation is fantastic. It has the large planar magnetic drivers.

Sound Also remains balanced even when Michael Jackson’s vocals kicked in.It isn’t quite as punchy as many bass-happy headphones.

so we achieve a good balance of excitement and neutrality, allowing all kinds of music to sound pleasant.

Vocals occasionally felt a bit lower in sensitivity than the rest of the track.Detail and flow were excellent as well, and the headphones did as much as they could to stay loyal to the producer’s intent.

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best headphone HiFiMan HE400S review


Overall HiFiMan HE400S Doesn’t offer the same level of specification like expensive headphone offer.

but it is still a great option as compare to the price and quality’s relatively inexpensive when compared to other planar magnetic headphone.

its offers high, extreme comfort and sonic can also make the upgrade to planar magnetic headphones.

HiFiMan HE400S is more suitable and better looking.HiFiMan HE400s is great starter option, and you will get good audiophile experience.

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