Best Rainmeter Skins Themes For Windows 7,8,10

First, you need to know what a Rainmeter is. It is a software that can be used in customising your laptop or desktop. You can customise everything- starting from an icon to a theme. You have to download the software to use the best rainmeter themes. There is a wide range of rainmeter themes that can be used for Windows 7, 8 and ten but first, you have to know how to download a rainmeter.

best rainmeter themes
best rainmeter themes

How To Download And Install Rainmeter Themes

You will get the links to these themes online. You have to click on it to download the respective theme. It will be downloaded as a file, and you have to open it to download it.

Best Rainmeter Themes for your pc or laptop

Not all themes are compatible with your laptop or pc, so you need to find the correct one. The theme should not only be compatible but should also suit your preferences and style.

Newspaper Desktop Theme

It is one of the classiest themes you can get for your pc. Your PC screen will start to look like a newspaper if you download this theme. From heading to date- you can see it all on your screen, exactly like the newspaper. There are a lot of features that are offered by this theme. One of the major features is that this theme helps you to view and access all your updates regarding your mail on your desktop.


This is one of the warmest themes available online. If you are particular about your icons, then you should opt for this theme. You will get to see two sidebars on both of the ends of your desktop. This theme helps you customise and arrange your icons according to your own choice. There is a task-bar for all your icons. You will also get a toolbar for Google and Wikipedia. It is was the default theme for Rainmeter and is quite popular.


If you always wanted your windows desktop to look like a Mac Desktop, then you should choose this theme. You can change the cool wallpaper as many times as you want. One of the greatest features that come with this theme is that you can replace your icons. If you are unhappy with the current set of icons, then you can download a different pack of icons. You can customise a lot of things if you use this theme.


If you are intrigued by monsters and demons, then this theme might get your attention. Even though it is a simple theme, it can be quite useful. The wallpaper of this theme is the main reason why people prefer this theme. You can also get to see information about the RAM or the CPU on the desktop if you use this theme.

Darkness Falls

This theme is as unique as its name. The wallpaper of this theme is out of this world. It is soothing as well as intriguing. Not only will it make your desktop look pretty, but it is also pretty effective as well as you can place all the widgets on the side of the desktop and arrange them neatly. You can also get all the notifications from your social media accounts on your desktop easily.


If you are looking for a futuristic theme, then this is it. It will make you feel like you have taken a ten-year leap into the future, then this is it. You can see a lot of information on the desktop. From the weather report to notepad- you can get everything on your desktop. It is preferred by a lot of people because you can change and customise it easily.

Galaxy suite

People who are interested in astronomy and galaxy, then this is the theme you should go for. You will get to experience a great visual if you go for this theme. Along with awesome visual effect, you can also see the status of your system. It will bring a great amount of change on your desktop.

Jarvis & Shield

It can be considered as the best theme for windows 7, windows 8 and Windows 10. If you are a fan of the Marvel and you love Iron Man, then you should opt for this theme. It will make it seem that you are using Iron’s man computer with the effect of the shield. You can get loads of effects and icons with this theme.

Battlefield Three

If you are into games, then you might like this one. This theme is essentially based on the video game, BattleField Three. This theme is the ideal theme for you video game lovers out there. You can even find a customised sidebar on your desktop. Not only your favourite shortcuts but you can also keep your favourite widgets on that sidebar. It has widgets that help you to show information regarding the weather. One of the key features is that you can create shortcuts quite easily.

Neon Space

This theme will give you an animated form of display. If you like things that are bright, then this theme is the one for you. When you open your laptop or Pc, you will feel that you have stepped right into the future. This theme is mainly based on an alien shape. You will have the power to customise your desktop according to your need, and you can do so on a daily basis. You check out all the important information like CPU usage, time, RAM and much more on the desktop.

Before Dawn

This theme is pretty cool and simple. It can be used quite easily by people, without any complications. There is one specific bar where you will get all the information and notifications. You can get information regarding the temperature as well as the date and time. You can all get to see and access all of your subscribed feeds. All the shortcuts are present in this bar. You can also change the colour scheme easily if you use this theme.

Eker Lina

If simple and elegant is your style, then this is it. If you like your theme to look clean and organised, then this is it. You get to see a lot of things on your desktop. You can get to see the temperature on the desktop. You also have clear access to your drives, music, notes and much more.

Senja suite

This theme was created by keeping one of the most popular anime characters, Senja Suite in mind. If you like to watch anime and you like this character, then this theme is for you. This theme provides the ideal mixture of nature and technology. You will get a music player with this theme. There is also an option for you to check out the weather report as well. You can view your favourite Senja Suite Picture. You can even create a slideshow with so many pictures.

Windows 2019

It is one of the most downloaded themes when it comes to Windows. This theme is primarily based on the windows theme of 2019. It gives you a window towards the futuristic look towards the theme. This theme gives you a lot of options when it comes to styling your desktop. You can get several beautiful and colours when it comes to choosing a style. You can also download different packs of icons and choose between them. There is a small bar on the desktop to get news update. You can also access your mailing server easily. If you want to know about the CPU usage, you can do so. You will also get to know about the weather information. Every time you get a new mail, you will get a notification easily. This theme can be quite useful.


This theme is really pretty and unique. This theme is quite big and offers a wide range of things. You get a lot of options if you want to customise your desktop. There is an option for you to create shortcuts and store on your desktop. This theme is known for it’s usability. You can put your pc into hibernation or shut it down with just one click. There is also an option for you to check out the status of your system. It is economical when it comes to saving time.

Elegance 2

The elegance theme has been updated, and all the bugs were removed. This theme offers a wide range of features and is better than its previous options. Even though this theme is simple, the wallpaper can be viewed in HD. You can customise it according to your preferences. When you are downloading this particular theme, you can check out the magnificent quality of all the wallpapers.  You can find information about your CPU or the weather – all on your screen.

Wrapping up

So what are you waiting for? Now you can search and choose between these wonderful themes according to your preference and style for your windows 7,8 or 10.

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