Best travel Apps 2018 : Make Traveling A Joy

While the year may have come to an end but this doesn’t mean that welcoming the new year ought to be a drag. New year means new resolutions and whoever has ever said no to seeking wanderlust? Travelling today is comparatively easier than what our parents used to face in their times.

Technology to an extent has a lot to do in easing up our travels and ensuring a smooth and hassle-free stay whether it’s a backpacking trip across Europe or a simple onshore business trip that you have to take urgently.

Best Travel App 2018 for Traveler

In this post, we take a look at some of the best travel apps of 2018 that helped make a significant impact for travelers:


Probably the handiest of travel apps, Skyscanner came as a boon for many travelers. The app was earlier confined to only flight bookings but recent changes in the app have now made it possible for a search for hotels and cars on the go.

You can now search for the best value deals on flights, hotels, and cars and get instant alerts whenever there is a price change or drop.

The “Top Deals” tab on the app is a great way for travelers looking for a little spontaneity with regards to their destinations as it helps present best deals on a wide number of destinations across the globe.  


Making international calls is perhaps one of the biggest hassles of foreign travel. While apps like WhatsApp and Skype have made it easier to connect but these apps still need an active wifi connection to make calls.

The answer to this problem, the Rebtel app that lets you make cheap international calls without the need for Wifi. What Rebtel does is basically hijack local phone pay lines in order to procure the best calling rates for its patrons.

Rebtel is also offering a “Rebel Calling” deal for customers which allows for free calls to friends and family who  have installed the app on their phones.

Along with these travel apps you can also get affordable and discounted travel deals. Be sure to visit OZCodes and make use various coupon codes from travel retailer such as Wotif, which can help you to find accommodation, flight tickets, and travel packages on budget


Been facing problems with managing your travel itineraries with every trip? Not anymore. Tripit will now help you pool all your traveling essentials in one place right from your flight tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals to driving directions.

The app does them all for you. You can now also share your journey plans and live location with your friends and family and anyone picking you up from the airport.

For users who are willing to shell a little extra, Tripit comes with a pro version that allows one to track frequent flyer miles and also allows for cancellation of tickets just in case you have sudden last minute cancellations.

Packing Pro

Perhaps the biggest dilemma in a traveler’s mind is the amount of luggage to carry forth with them on their trip. With the Packing pro app, you can now finally ode goodbye to this frequent problem.

The app helps you organize your luggage by breaking down things with the help of a checklist. All you need to do is input the details of your trip like the days of travel, your destination and a multitude of other things as per your need and relevance.

The app then collects this data and offers you a tentative list of things that you need to carry for your trip. The app also helps you remind of important things like getting your medicines, first aid kit etc. Packing Pro is currently available for both iOS and Android while a pro version is only available for Apple phones.


While the name does sound dramatic but Rome2Rio is one of the best offerings of 2018. However maybe your traveling plans, you will be glad to have the app on your phone as it helps show route information for more than 150 countries across the globe.

It will customize searches for you as per the country you will be traveling to and show you the trains, flights, boats and buses that you can avail for yourself during your journey.

You can plan to check your expenses on transport and the quickest and shortest ways to get to your destination. The search result is also a very useful on the app that allows you to book tickets directly from the host website with a simple click.

Tunnel Bear

Tunnel Bear helps keep your internet safe and secure while you are abroad. It is no hidden fact that you will be using a lot of random Wifi spots during your journey.

The last thing you would want is for hackers to get privy of your phone data. The app lets you use a VPN that can help hide your IP address and location in real time by tunneling you to another country of your choice. The app is free for use and doesn’t take up much space and data.

So there we have a comprehensive list of the best travel apps being used by travelers across the globe. Make sure you download and give these apps a try.

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