Best Wallpaper Switchers for Mac [Latest 2018]

Best wallpaper switchers for Mac: It’s always nice to see something beautiful when you turn on your Mac on.  It can be anything starting from a beautiful sunset or your favorite animal as well as just a quiet monochrome-style background. Many MacBook users like to use their family photos as wallpaper to keep the warm memories close.

But what if you have a set of images you want to use as wallpaper and it’s really hard to pick only one?  With best wallpaper switchers for Mac, you can use as many pictures and photos as you wish. Below you can find our list of best wallpaper switchers for Mac that would turn your screen into a perfect place for inspiration.

best wallpaper switchers for mac

Best Wallpaper Switchers for Mac

Here we have provided some best wallpaper switchers for Mac. You can easily choose one of them and can make your Mac background more beautiful whenever you on it.

John’s Background Switcher

John’s Background Switcher is the first app in this list, and in some sense, it is fantastic. This app changes the wallpaper using a pre-defined schedule and the list of photos you allow it to show. Want a one-day-long wallpaper or prefer keeping a lovely sunset for a week? With John’s Background Switcher you can quickly do this within a few minutes after the installation. This is our first application in the list of best wallpaper switchers for Mac.

At the very first step, you should define what pictures or photos you want to use as your future wallpapers. Here are some other advantages of using John’s Background Switcher:

  • Using images previously moved to a certain folder
  • Support for Facebook images and the ability to show pictures from your friends’ pages
  • See pics from the Instagram
  • Using Flickr as another source for images
  • Google Image Search – now your computer has the best photos from all points of the endless Internet and much more.

Any image from anywhere in the world is in front of your eyes in just a few clicks.


The next application is Wally. As well as the previous applications it uses different websites as a source: files on your desktop, Flickr, Yahoo, Panoramio, Pikeo and etc. This is the second best app for best wallpaper switchers for Mac.

Top features:

  • Wally allows you to show stories – sort of set of pictures under the same theme
  • Offers a variety of wallpaper templates
  • Can store photos in a special folder so you don’t miss it with something you don’t want to show
  • Supports proxy in case you want to download a big amount of images.


Another source where you can get lots of high-quality photos and use it as a wallpaper for your computer is Unsplash.

The biggest benefits of Unsplash:

  • Choosing the time intervals between changing of photos: 3/12/24 hours, a week / two weeks/month
  • It saves the selected photos to disk
  • Has a blacklist in case there are some specific pictures you don’t want to see as a wallpaper.
  • Has built-in convenient shortcuts for images.

This application is free and very easy to download. It also has some clean UI which will make your user experience great.

Wallpaper Wizard

Wallpaper Wizard is one of the most advanced apps for MacBook for managing your wallpapers. You receive an access to a collection of 25,000 beautiful wallpapers right after installing the app. That means you don’t have to spend time on searching images on the Internet and downloading them to your MacBook. Download wallpaper wizard and get instant access to the Internet’s best photos. Managing wallpapers on your MacBook never was so simple as it is with this application

To use Wallpaper Wizard, there is no need to open the main application window, you can interact with it through the widget with an image preview. Convenient tab splitting makes working with this app very clean and straightforward. The pictures are divided into thematic collections, which will help you same some time. You can also create your own sections with favorite photos. “Roll” Function allows to create some sort of “playlists” from the wallpaper of your choice. Set the desired interval and enjoy a selection of the best pictures. There is also a pre-screen function and you will always know which pic will be next.

uDesktop NEXT

uDesktop NEXT has the largest collection of wallpapers for your computer.


  • No restrictions on resolution of photos as well as their number
  • 36 thematic categories divided by themes
  • All categories are constantly updated
  • The application supports Mac but also have iPhone and iPad versions
  • The application will select photos that perfectly suit the resolution of your device
  • Support for panoramic photos
  • Search for wallpaper based on tags;

So, finally these were the best wallpaper switchers for Mac. Some say a perfect wallpapers can help you increase productivity and remind you the best moment of your life. With those five best apps for managing wallpapers you will have the best pictures on your fingertips. Keep visiting our site for interesting articles.

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