How to boost computer performance for gaming

Hello guys; if you are love to playing game in your pc and facing trouble of slower speed than don’t worry.we have best solution for your problem.

if you are facing problem in your pc for its performance than you search like pc speed maximizer, make my laptop faster, how to speed up laptop, how to improve system performance, game booster for pc, optimize pc for gaming, How to boost computer performance for gaming etc.

we have best ways which all are important for get optimum performance of follow below simple technique for improve performance of your windows.


boost computer performance for gaming


#.Regular Maintenance

If you are not take proper care of your pc maintenance than slowly slowly your pc became slow down.for maintain optimum performance your pc regular hardware maintenance is important.

  • Hard drive space

most of pc’s hard drive is 95% of data is field.only 5% space is available so that is the main reason for reduce its proper maintain the space of hard drive.

  • Installed Applications

Same condition of Installed Applications as like Hard drive space.more installed Applications than reduce speed of the computer.

so go to control panel and uninstall some less important applications and improve the system performance.

#.Close Background Applications


boost computer performance for gaming


Major possibility for reduce speed of computer due to running Background can improve speed of pc by close background process.

some of process running in background which is not visible window which is consume or use some ram.

so for that first open the task manager and saw the which background applications is running and than close that process and speed of your pc is improve.

#.Install Latest Driver Software

Nvidia and AMD both are Update on regular interval.if you are use latest driver software than surely say that system performance is improve well.

latest driver software is best for use of latest games.go for or  for get latest driver software download.

for download latest driver software make sure that driver is match with your operating system ,graphics cards etc.

Also Period of time visit the control panel and updated with driver situation so if any error occur in the driver than solve it immediately.

#.uninstall old programs


boost computer performance for gaming


More no of programs install in your pc that affect on speed of run on slow deleting or uninstalling some unnecessary program you can easily improve efficiency of system.

For uninstall program go to control panel and select program and click on uninstall button.than experience better speed performance of system.

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#.Upgrade Hardware

If your Hardware of pc is not compitable with latest games than performance of your pc is became Upgrade of Hardware is most important.

  • Upgrade your SSD

SSD means Solid State is very important than other mechanical Hard can greatly reduce the load time and improve the performance.

  • Research your options.

SSD is available for wide range of quality and select proper SSD which compitable with your pc.

  • Upgrade your PC.

After Applying above method if do not improve your pc performance than upgrade your pc.

#.efficient use of processing power

If you have a best processing computer but if you don’t use its power than its efficiently use of proccesing power is most important.

in the computer we use so many paraller complicated tasks, very high graphics games etc so if you don’t use proper processing power than pc became slowdown.

also sometime open control panel and close some other unuseful program.also remove some unnecessary cache content and you look better performance.

#.Use Microsoft Fix It

Microsoft Fix It is free tool from microsoft which is use to clean up for windows 7 improve the performance of the system.

#.Switching From Internet Explorer to Chrome

If you are using internet Explorer than switching to google chrome.because google chrome is much faster than IE.IE has much bucks and crome has less no of bucks.

#.Scan For And Remove Malware

If in your system any malware software present than surely speed of your pc is 100% you can remove such malware file with regularly scan your pc with very good anti malware software.Avast, Norton these are very good security software.

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