How to Boost Your Email CTR

Are you into email marketing and not satisfied with the click-through rates? You have googled all probable tricks and tips to increase the click-through rates but all failed then is the right article for you. What does it mean to have a low click-through rate? It simply means your target users are not clicking on your link and simply ignoring it. That means fewer leads and less marketing which is affecting your income.

How To Determine A Good Click Through Rate?

First, you have to determine the average click-through rate you are aiming for. Setting a proper click-through rate can be challenging. For example, 10% click-through rate is excellent, but most of the time people are not able to get close to it. An average email click-through rate across all sectors is 3.57%. Legal email rates have the lowest click-through rate of 1.04%, and sports email click-through rate has the highest CTR of 7.5%. Find the stats of your CTR from your email dashboard, and compare it to the market average, if you are lagging behind it’s time for you to buckle up and boost your marketing email click-through rates.

How To Increase The CTR?

If people are not interested in opening your emails, they are not going to click it. First, you have to increase your email opening rate to increase the CTR. Here are some tips to do that.

  • Using email marketing tool to deliver tailor-made emails to your contacts to attract their attention. Getresponse is once such email marketing tool that does the work for you.
  • The subject of your mail is a crucial part to attract the attention of your customer. If they do not find it interesting, they will simply mark it as spam and opt-out from your mailing list. Make your subject in such a way that people will be curious about the content of the mail, and they will open it and eventually increase your click-through rate. You can also write the subject with a sense of urgency and trigger a fear of missing out on some great deals. You can also ask some questions, including emojis to make the mail more appealing but keep it mind that your subject should be short and precise as most of the user opens the mail using mobile devices. Do not make false promises to increase traffic, that earns you a bad name and you will eventually lose subscribers.
  • Most of the email user check the sender name to decide whether they are going to open it or not. There are few ways to become a reputable sender. If your organization has earned its name, you can use it as your email address, or you can use a personal approach to create a bond with the receiver.
  • Leveraging big data can help you to boost email click-through rates, big data is changing the scope of marketing as never before.

Additional Tips  

  • If people don’t open your mail at the first time try to resend it
  • Rather than providing a direct unsubscribe button you can add “send fewer emails” option for the user so that you can stay connected with them.
  • Sending the sender photo with a signature increases the authenticity of the mail
  • Include social media button below to help the receiver discover about your brand.
  • Send emails to selected users rather than spamming everyone’s inbox this way you can build a good reputation for yourself and eventually a good CTR.

Following all these steps properly will surely help you increase your CTR and provide you a good income.

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