BSNL Broadband Speed Test 2018

There is a lot of internet providers in the market and amidst all the competition from the other providers, BSNL broadband or the ISP’s Speed of BSNL has caught its space and place with the right effect.

Almost all the internet providers claim that the speed provided by them for internet that they offer is the base for the charges laid on it by providers.  How far the speed provided by the provider meets the requirements can be looked in through the speed testing.

BSNL Speed Test

Bsnl speed test can be done on the website of Bsnl.  Speed test seems to be important so as to know and measure the speed hence provided by the internet provider.  The speed provided by the provider can be increased; but still, overriding the ISP’s restriction is not possible.

The latency, on the other hand, can be increased and to do this the ‘download-servers’ play an important role.

If the right downloading servers are selected, the speed can be increased. The use of faster DNS Servers is supposed to increase the speed.

The BSNL website is a correct source to do a speed test if you are using the BSNL internet. When we use the internet, we are obliged to know the speed so as to determine the same involved in ‘downloads’.

Again, the upload, latency and download under the said internet provider, BSNL can be got through BSNL’s website.

Speed test helps customers to know the exact speed given to them for internet and accordingly modify it if they wish to do so accordingly, based on the work structure or requirement of the customer.

BSNL Bandwidth

The bandwidth’s capacity can be measured with such speed tests and, if one wants to find out the bandwidth speed, she or he can do so by downloading some random files from mobile or computer to BSNL’s servers.

The results will be given to the customers perfectly as the number of hubs and servers are located in some of the important cities.

With full confidence once can find results of the bandwidth’s speed of BSNL on its website.

The speed test also allows you to choose which ‘plan’ would be perfect based on the usage. Be it for home or business, BSNL gives you the option or recommends the speed that is required for a particular set of users.

Options for speed and recommendation of speed specified on the website

For residence, the internet is supposed to use 1-2 Mbps and a ‘Standard’ speed would be 4-6 Mbps.

It also further states the recommended speed apart from the other one suggested to enthusiasts. For this, the recommended speed is 8 Mbps by the website.

The speed of the bandwidth required for business is suggested to be 4-5 Mbps as the minimum; the ‘Standard’ speed would be 8-10 Mbps and recommended would be 8 Mbps.

For ‘Enthusiastists’ it would require the internet speed to be at 100 – 1000 Mbps as per the website.

However, the ‘Recommended’ aspect in the list states – 16-20 Mbps.

3G and 4G meter

The website has a section where it states – BSNL Speedtest – BSNL Broadband /FTTH, 3G and 4G Net Speed Bandwidth Meter. In this page, the speed is checked.

This means that the website measures an accurate latency of FTTH. Whether it is a 3G or 4G connection that you have or a DSL/ Cable/Dialup or an FTTH, the speed test meter will give you the correct information related to the speed at which you are connected to the internet.

On the whole, BSNL helps you to make a decision in choosing the speed as per the categories suggested by the website that gives you information about how you could increase the latency of internet with the means mentioned therein for assistance.

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