Have you ever experienced some inadequacy in your aim while playing an FPS game? Well, you may have the skill, but what makes a ‘Good’ gamer ‘Great’ is not just the skill. It’s also critical to have accessories & tools along with your artistry. Gaming Mouse is one of these tools that allow you to move, aim and click with receptiveness. Although decent gaming mice aren’t always fair-priced, they are worth every single buck. It’s wise to select a gaming mouse supporting  your gaming inclination i.e the kind of games that you play the most (like FPS, MOBA, RTT, TBS or RTS)

Choosing the right mouse can become a drag when you don’t know what you are looking for. Here are five things that you should consider before buying a gaming mouse –


A simple optical mouse primarily works at 800 DPI. A gaming mouse can have a range of DPI, from way down at 150 DPI to straight up at 16000 DPI. DPI, which stands for ‘Dots per inch’, is a measure of sensitivity for a mouse. The higher the number, the more sensitive your mouse is. To put it simply, the higher the DPI, the higher is the mouse shift with fewer movements from your hand. Low DPI conditions are good for fine control displacements. Like when you are using a sniper rifle in an FPS game, a mouse with low DPI will slow down the movements of the cursor corresponding to your hand movements. Some mice offer DPI customization too so that you can have higher accuracy. Make sure that you select a mouse that is compatible with your preferred genre. Most of the first-person-shooter prefers a high DPI so that they can canvas the most area in the game.


A gaming mouse is as good as its grip. To find out a suitable mouse, you must know which type of grip user you are. An ergonomic gaming mouse is specially designed to fit your grip and free you from the pain of wrist aches As of now, three types of grips are known, namely palm grip, claw grip and tip grip. The palm grip is the most popular among them. However, different mice favor distinctive grips. Wide and bulky mice are good for a general palm grip. Small mice make maneuvering simple with a trip grip. People, who have a claw grip, appreciate a slim mouse with lean, stretched out primary buttons.


To prevent hand fatigue, modeled mice and grip pads are necessary. A mouse made with the right material will prevent your sweaty hands from slipping away when you’re performing quick spontaneous movements. A lot of gaming mice have extra buttons so that you can set macros, launch programs, and configure DPI. Macros are a set of keystrokes that allows a special action in a game. Almost all the mice come with their own software. With the help of a  customization software, we can customize button assignments, DPI options and set up a lighting profile. These extra buttons are nothing less than a lifesaver when you are playing an MMO genre game.  Extra buttons are not a prerequisite but can sure come in handy in general gaming.


A position of a mouse to a computer is reported by polling rate. It is measured in Hertz (Hz). If a mouse has a 250 Hz polling rate then it means that the mouse updates its place 250 times to the computer every second. Higher polling rates mean that there will be a  reduction in the lag that appears between your hand movements and cursor. A higher polling rate also requires more CPU resources thus putting an extra burden on it. Polling rates higher than 1000 Hz usually put the CPU in excessive strain. Polling rate should be moderate. Just like DPI, polling rate can also be adjusted in some gaming mice with the help of a customization software.


It has been a burning question among the gamer since the boom of wireless mice in the industry. The answer to this question is solely subjective. But most wired mice work better than wireless. There’s no lack in response time with wired mice. Although the chances of delayed response time are very, there is always a little uncertainty. There’s no for batteries with a wired mouse. These days wired gaming mice have braided cables. This ensures that your cable won’t get tangled up.


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