How to delete Twitter Account Permanently?

In contemporary times,  the moment you have a breaking story or a news to serve, the first thing you consider is to post an update and Twitter that will take your message to millions of users, across the globe.

As a matter fact, with about 6000 updates tweeted each second, it is not a matter of surprise that a flock of users is getting overwhelmed by the extent of the content volume hitting them on a daily basis.

If you are among those who are aspiring to ensure the internet privacy by deactivating the Twitter Account permanently, paragraphs underneath will have the necessary guide for you.

How to delete Twitter Account

However, before you delete the Twitter account, you need to keep in mind that it is not possible to retrieve back the account, once you delete it. Hence, you need to think twice, before you are actually deleting your account.

Steps to delete Twitter account permanently

  • Visit the website and you require logging in to your account, using your ID and Password.
  • Along the top-right hand corner of the web page, you will require clicking on the photo and then click on the Settings option.
  • You will have to scroll down to the settings page, and then you require clicking on the “Deactivate my Account” option.
  • Before you are deactivating the account, you should read all the information given on the page.
  • You will require entering your Twitter password and then click on the options Deactivation Account option to confirm the account deactivation request.

Point to Consider to Delete Twitter Account

  • Twitter will retain your data for 30 days after the deactivation, before deleting the information permanently. Within this span, you can retrieve back your account at any point of time.
  • If you are aspiring to change your Twitter URL or the username of the account, you don’t need to delete the account. You can do that at any point in time from the settings tab, without changing the replies as well as the followers.
  • If you hold the plan to use the username or the email address of the existing Twitter account to another account, you should change these details, before you are deactivating your existing account.
  • Once you confirm the deactivation request, it hardly takes a couple of minutes or two; a few information shall stay active and viewable on the website for a few days after the deactivation is made.

Research suggests that the majority of the Twitter account deactivations are made for concerns on internet security. With that said a better approach will be to use the Twitter account in a style that will ensure your safety so that you can reach out to the world in a safe and secure style.

As such, it will make sense to discuss a few tricks and tips that will enable you to stay safe from the challenges of internet identity theft as well as various other troubles of similar kinds.

In that regard, following are few of the simple yet effective tips that will be wise to adopt:

Use VPN for deleting account

Though you can check the attempts of collecting your data by Google, simply by pausing Google Web as well as App History, it is not possible to prevent your ISP from monitoring your activities online. Eventually, the ISP is likely to share the data with Government and other businesses. To safeguard yourself from these threats and use internet technology with full liberty and confidentiality, it would be wise to adopt VPN.

Utilize Tor Browsers

Tor browsers have the capacity to hide your location as well as online activities from parties doing network surveillance or analyzing the web traffic. This will make impossible for these parties to trace back you or to monitor your online activities.

As a matter fact, experts consider this step as the most effective and simple step to ensure online privacy and safety. As it comes up from the reviews, user, using the Tor browsers is extremely satisfied with the services, and hence, you can opt for it with a good faith.

Categories of user information and data that Twitter collects

Going a step ahead to ensure your online safety and using Twitter, without the chances of falling into the traps of the evil forces, you should know what types of User Data Twitter actually collects.

This will enable you to take adequate care in handling the key and sensitive data so that you don’t have to think about deactivating your Twitter account, simply for the concern with internet security.

  • The list starts with the basic information about the users like their name, date of birth, email, address as well as their phone number.
  • If users are integrating their address book and Phone book with the account, Twitter will have access to these sets of information.
  • If your tweets are publishing details about your physical location, Twitter will be getting access to that data.
  • If you are using the payment gateways that are owned and operated by Tweeter to make financial dealings online, Twitter will get hold of your details like Card number, your billing address and other similar information.
  • Twitter uses cookies for observing how users are interacting with links across their site as well as to map the preferences of the users.
  • In addition, the service provider monitors the devices, Operating systems as well as the web browsers that the users are using for accessing their services.

Final Verdict

As the services of Twitter is supported by advertisements, the information that the service provider collects are utilized for showing the users the targeted advertisements. However, Twitter never shares these details with 3rd parties, without having prior consent from the users, except in exceptional circumstances.

Still, you should take adequate measures to ensure your safety and confidentiality that will enable you to keep on enjoying the services seamlessly and without getting into threats like online identity theft, account hacking, and other similar unsolicited instances.

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