Why You Should Design User Personas In Your SEO Strategy

User personas are some of the best things that you could use to make your website perform better. Your SEO rating is a very important part of how your website functions, and user personals help you write up the site in a way that is helpful to everyone. Read below to learn how you could use these personas to get the results that you want. Each persona is a completely different and new way for you to look at shopping with your business.

Building User persona

1. Make Up Multiple Personas

You must create multiple personas for the different types of customers that you have. It is pretty obvious that you do not have just one person who shops on your site. You need to come up with the younger man, older man, younger woman, and older woman. You must think about where they are in life, and you must consider how they would use your site. Each persona has to have a specific goal along with an idea of how they would interact with the site.

2. Write Them Up

You must have a full write-up of how that persona would use the site. It is so much easier for you to make these decisions when you have access to the write-up of each persona. Some of these personas are very complex because they are not always just normal people. You have to think about all the idiosyncrasies that go into these people. That plays into the way that you are managing your site because you need to market to the people that you know are using your site.

3. You Must Decide What The Persona Would Buy

You must use the persona to decide what they would buy. You then need to market the things that you know they will buy to these types of people. It is very easy for you to use the persona to decide how they would buy, and it is wise for you to get the persona into your marketing room. You need to think about how you will make the right choices to market to these people, and you also much have the persona posted all over your offices.

4. How Long Does The Persona Last?

You must make up a persona that you believe will last for a long period of time. You could edit these personas when you think that the world is changing. You need to be smart about how you are going to have the personas look on the site. You might even use the persona to model the items on your site so that you can explain to people how they would use these things.

You could look at the way you handle SEO by including user personas as explained by Brad Russell. The things that he wants people to do are all laid out to make their lives easier. He tries to make it simpler for people to get their websites onto web search results, and he knows how to help someone make their website much more popular. User personas change the way that you view your web popularity, and you must use them in all the ways described above.

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