5 Free Android/PC VPN Apps for Anonymous Surfing- 2017 UPDATED list

If you are a folk who use internet surfer frequently, then you may have come across unavailability of the websites/services in the nation you live otherwise your ISP blocks you from going in. If it occurs at your end no matter how more you attempt, without masking the Internet Protocol, you cannot do anything.  At this point, here is where the requirement for a better VPN service comes handy.

It also cover-up you’re real IP addresses as well as assigns you along with a virtual IP, which possibly would be situated in the western countries. On the Android, there are several numbers of free VPN applications currently available so you can really enjoy your entire day happily with help using these free VPN apps. 

Top 5 Best VPN Apps For Android 2017

These are hand-picked incredible services sorted randomly, select anything based on your unique needs and requirements. Now, let us have look at the best Android VPN apps that includes free and also premium VPN services.

Psiphon 3

  • It is a very special kind of software which aids ensure that the Internet really is the free location where it is intended to be.
  • On the other side, this program slicks throughout government blocks as well as limitations on websites to ensure everybody can have access to the content they need.
  • Psiphon is an application mainly developed for smartphones and also windows PC’s permit the consumer to avoid censorship where their service provider has set as well as surf the division of the web which is not permitted to be accessed in their piece of the universe.
  • Besides, this app is designed to maximize your reach on the internet, and offer borderless experiences, therefore, you don’t obtain back due to censorship, however, and this app must not be puzzled as an online security tool.
  • It also helps to improve your online privacy and it only functions as circumvention device to maximize your possibility of bypassing censorship.

Flash VPN Proxy

  • The Flash VPN offers Free of cost VPN proxy and required one-tap to connect, no configuration required.
  • The premium bandwidth as well as No connection time restrictions. The VPN service is deployed on multi-locations such as Japan England, and United States.
  • Unblock geographically limited websites and no connection time restrictions. Besides, it protects your privacy by secure VPN encryptions and there is no system root essential.
  • This android app offers secure and also encrypted VPN network to ensure that entire you’re incoming, as well as outgoing data, remains intact from the hacker as well as data stealers.
  • The great thing about this app is where you can make use of it very smoothly due to it provides a decent amount of bandwidth for communications, that is only frequent by premium apps. There is no restriction to how long you can connect for.


  • This free CyberGhost service is subsidized by the premium user, according to the CyberGhost. The free service provides access to more than 14 nations when Premium & premium plus one’s permit users to select from an array of 24 nations.
  • It assures us where it does not restrict bandwidth for the free users.  While you are a connection, and you will be logged out behind 3 hours of browsing, for example, though you can always attempt to log in again instantly.
  • Other limitations are where you cannot make use of the iPad app along with the free user account.
  • This VPN and proxy service is more than 3.5 million folks. The android app is rated 4 stars out of 5 in the Google play along with users praising its impressive security measures, regular features as well as software updates and also customer supports.

ZPN Connect

  • The ZPN is also known as premium service, however, it is free of cost for the many parts.  
  • Moreover, being a pioneer application to assign enormous bandwidth mainly for its users, it is the hands down of Virtual Protocol Network for the light to moderate usages.
  • Along with free sign up procedure, a user will obtain over 10 GB of free usages along with unrestricted validity. Of course, you can also easily upgrade to premium plan anytime whenever you need for unrestricted bandwidth.
  • The user interface is somewhat is legible as well as obviously sorted.  It offers plenty choices to tweak for additional security & speed.
  • Aside from that, it can also protect from just tracking your personal files through online.


  • FinchVPN is a semi-premium VPN service which has the greater data caps as well as servers to associate with.
  • Along with free account, you can obtain five various services locations as well as 3GB of data cap per month. Moreover, you can also easily customize connection by simply assigning port and also protocol.
  • If you are somewhat quite advanced user and then anti-DPI, Socks VPN, SSH VPN may aid you to remain anonymous.
  • Moreover, if you require linking through any of the open VPN configuration, there is a space for that as well.
  • The premium unlocks elite servers, which has 1 GBPS connections for an unparalleled speed and however free account services many users require unless you want them poorly.


Having the rigid internet security may be a hard go, however, it is a better road to play secure by hiding your internet identity. When you are utilizing public Wi-Fi connection, the possibility of acquiring hacked is relatively greater. In these conditions, you need to leverage the great potential of best free VPN apps for Android 2017.  However, it aids you much more and also prevents several internet hazards.  

Several Virtual Protocol Network customers are free along with unrestricted bandwidth as well as data usage, whereas few are premium service that can be a better move if you regards about your privacy.  Thus, as per your unique requirements and needs, you can prefer anyone of the best and free VPN android app.

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