Cool, Funny Wi-Fi Names 2017 : Tease Your Neighbours

If you have just bought a new router then you will set wi-fi names to your router. Then why not set some hilarious and funny wifi names to give a funny shock to your neighbours and free Wifi users 😛

These cool wifi names are not only for new router users. If you are an old user, then you can also try a new change to the new name.

Wi-fi names

Funny Wifi Name Network SSID

  1. Hello Mr. Wifi Hacker
  2. I’m your Dad
  3. Girls can Ask for Free Wifi
  4. Room 6 Affairs with Room 9
  5. Say Hello to your Dad
  6. Come and F**k me
  7. Not Connected
  8. Private Connection for Dad only
  9. Only for P**n Hub
  10. You and Me
  11. Game Of Thrones 😀
  12. Free Wifi not available
  13. Wifi is Limited
  14. Heart is Empty for Password
  15. Password not available
  16. Password is you are My dad
  17. Wifi is so Hot
  18. This connection is not for Neighbours
  19. Spend some Money on Wifi instead of Weed
  20. My Lipstick is better than yours

How to Change Wi-fi or SSID Name

If you are not aware of changing wifi or SSID network name, then no need to worry. Here, I am going to share step by step procedure to change wi-fi name in an easy way.

1.. Open your router IP, it will be And now you need to log in with your router credentials.

2.. Most probably username will be Admin and password will be same as username.

Wifi names

3.. Then click on Log in. Now the writer window will be open something like this.

Wi fi names

4.. Now you need to click on quick setup.

5.. Then you will have to choose an option. At my end and in my wifi connection, I do choose Auto Detect.

6.. Then click on Next, it will take few seconds to detect the network and router configuration.

7.. Once it will be done, then that will ask for username and Password and then confirm the password. That will be provided by ISP or broadband providers. That will be automatically detected by the router itself.

8.. Now you need to click on next, After clicking on next you will get the following window.

Change Wifi names

9.. In the field of SSID put your new Wifi name and at the below-marked field, you can put your password of Wifi to make it secure.

10. Then click on Enter.

You have successfully changed the wifi names.

Final Verdict

So here in this post, we have shared some funny Wi-fi names. Hope you have liked these names if you have name suggestions, then comment below the wifi names. I will update this post. Thank for visiting and keep visiting. Don’t forget to share the post.

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