Games to Play over Facetime

Facetime is one of the best apps like Skype that offers you the ability see each other even while being in different time zones. It is an effective way that makes you feel like you are not far away from your loving one.

Families and long-distance couples can use this Facetime app if you feel the loneliness in your life without them and share your lives together. There are several types of games that couples can enjoy like fun texting games, games to play over phone and facetime games etc.

Here are some games to play over Facetime and except these games, you can always send them cute good morning texts, video calling, and even screen sharing, so you both feel close to each other.

You can experience these fun Facetime games in real-time like listening to music together, watch movies online together and hang out in different ways using Facetime. So explore the games you can have with your partner and get rid of that distance.

Games to Play on Facetime

1). Take Pleasure in Watching Videos Online

Watching videos or movies online with your partner is not a trouble now as the technology has advanced its limits.  So watching any video online even after you two are not together is not less than a blessing.

It is a must game for all the couples who are in the long distance and miss each other and those days of going to Cineplex together. You can feel all that again by using websites like Netflix and YouTube.

So invite your partner to join you over Facetime and start your channel, select the same movie and start feeling that you both are not at any distance by trying this one from these fun games to play over Facetime.

2). Arrange A Singing Together

Do you know that you can enjoy singing together on Facetime? It is like a Karaoke that is common to both of you and by using Facetime with the karaoke app; you two can have singing fun at the real time.

Download the app ‘Sing! Karaoke App’ and enjoy singing together like you are doing it face to face and spend a quality time with your sweetheart. Using apps like this one offers you to share your signing skills with your partner over the Facetime app.

So if singing is your house for today, then pick up this idea among games to play over Facetime.  You can also record your singing, and you can invite anyone to join you and sing together.

3). Enjoy Listening Music Over Facetime

After getting done with singing online, you two can enjoy listening to your romantic music series or your favourite music. It can be a cool way to hang out, and you would feel like you two are having fun with the same songs together.

The main advantage of this activity is that you two can perform your tasks like enjoying your snacks, prepare notes, work or even pee while being connected using Facetime.

4). Write Stories Together

If any of you is a fan of writing something like quotes or stories, then you can do it for each other by installing the required app.

After getting done, you two can speak it out and share your feelings about your partner. Also if you two have some notes to complete, you can do it without going far from each other.

5). Attend A Class Together

If you two feel that you should join a class online to spend some time together while learning something important, then install apps like ‘Verbling’ and choose the same language to learn with other users.

You can also invite other friends or anyone from your family and let them join the room. These apps provide free membership for a few days and then the premium one, so after testing it out, you can join the premium version.

If you think that you should learn some cooking sessions together, then apps like ‘Cooking Up Culture’ enables you to learn cooking online together. So you two can cook the same dish and share the tastes together.

It can be a cool one from the games to play over Facetime as you two prepare the same dish and know your partner’s cooking skills.

6). Fill the Drawing Compass Together

Do you think like drawing together or filling that white space with your choice of colours and design with your partner? Then install apps like ‘Co Sketch or ‘FlockDraw’ and visualize your ideas to your partner in the real time.

These apps provide you with some drawing tool along with the white space to draw that you two can use for having fun and you can draw unlimited things that you want to share with your partner.

7). Have Fun with Live Concerts

Have you ever thought of enjoying live concerts together? If this is your idea of spending time online, then apps like ‘iRocke’ or ‘Concert Window’ allow its users to watch live shows from the venues, so you feel the concert in the real time.

Attending the same concert together can be a cool game from these games to play over Facetime. Show your music love with your partner by selecting the same concert, buy a ticket and enjoy the rest with your loving ones.

8). Let’s Feel the Touch

You are far away from your partner, and there are 100% chances that you miss the touch of your partner. But let me tell you that you can enjoy that physical touch from a distance by installing some apps and tools.

By using these apps, you can feel your partner even closer, you just need to create a private room, and you can send tickles toy or partner. So enjoy the touch from games to play over Facetime.


So these are some cool games to play over Facetime that make the distance like it doesn’t exist between you two. There are several apps and gadgets, and by using them along with the Facetime app, you can enjoy awesome experiences to make your long distance relationship spicy and alive.

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