How can creative guys protect their data from copy/paste or getting pirated?

Getting your stuff copied or pirated is becoming a common trend nowadays and many users have complained regarding this issue. So far we haven’t seen any steps being taken to eliminate such threat however, there still exist ways through which you can reduce the risk factor involved in it.

The major issue of piracy has resulted in an even bigger issue which is the lack of creativity. Since people are being hacked and are losing what was once theirs, the interest factor has visibly fallen as someone else is taking the credit for your hard work. But that shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love as being creative makes you alive and live the life you have always dreamed of.

The process of keeping your data far from being pirated:

Copy protect:

A software Copy Protect – that has a self-explanatory name & helps you get rid of all that is confidential in nature to you. For example, you might be a creative vocalist and writing lyrics to a song is your major strength. However, you are reluctant to do so as you fear someone might take the credit for your hard work. That’s natural as you might have faced something similar in the past or that someone else around you would have faced some consequences. The point is not to make you feel fearful rather take some steps (not much) and get rid of those threats. Hence, write the lyrics of your choice and keep them safe from being copy protected. Not only this, you might be having a secret formula that can end up as a scientific breakthrough. But you do not want to publish it as you’re afraid you’ll lose the ownership to it. Don’t sweat, as copy protection software would do the hefty work for you and would let you have a complete peace of mind.

Adding password to the file:

You might be a chef having the world-class recipe but it won’t give you an edge if it is available to the masses. Hence, you can take the credit of your well-researched recipe by writing it in a notepad and protecting it using the password protection feature. But remember that if you have multiple files, you would have to protect each file separately.

NOTE: For additional security, you can use a random password generator.

DVD protection:

You can also create copies of the confidential work by burning them to DVDs and making sure these DVDs are protected. Whenever you want to get highlighted, creating copy protected DVDs seems to a valid option. However, note that these DVDs would create read-only executables where the receiver would only see the data you provided and wouldn’t be able to make copies of it. But this isn’t a Windows built-in feature and you would have to use a third-party software that provides such option.

Don’t forget to keep a backup:

The best thing you could do to yourself is to create a backup of all your confidential files and folders to make sure you are able to recover your data in any case. The obvious scenarios are you losing your data, getting your Windows corrupted, getting infected with viruses and more. Once you have uploaded the data on the cloud, you’d feel relaxed. If however, you do not trust the cloud storage companies, you can opt for the locally available option of using a portable drive. These USB drives are small portable and effective for data storage. In addition, you can also password protect them using the best USB security software that is up to the mark in delivering what they promised.

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The universal fact is that we all are surrounded by people who we do not trust and we’re afraid showing your creative work might lead you to lose the ownership of it. Again, don’t sweat as we’re living in the 21st century. Follow any of the steps mentioned above and break the barriers limiting you from being the most creative person on the planet!

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