How reforms in the educational system affects the online education platform?

The educational field has experienced a sea of change in the recent times. The reforms in the educational field have been affected more by the introduction of technology. There is no need to have access to school. Instead, the only requirement is a stable internet and a device to access the same. In addition, there has also been uproar about the extension of the three-year degree program to four-year program. It has brought in a lot of debates and arguments about the extension of the program. But it can be said that in case of four-year undergraduate degree program, it would actually help students to opt for higher studies. The scenario may have different impact on the lower section of the society to whom it is important to join the workforce soon after completing the undergraduate program.

online education platform


Increasing demand for private institutions

There has been a rise in the costs required to get admission in the private coaching institutions for UPSC IES and GATE Coaching. If the students are aiming to qualify for Indian Institute of Technology entrance, as per statistics it can be said that the fees of the coaching centers have increased from 250 to 500 times. In addition to this, the time period required to complete the preparation has also changed from one year span to a minimum of four years. There are also certain coaching centers which are willing to provide 24/7 assistance to the students. As a result of this, students are subjected to extreme anxiety, peer pressure and stress for qualifying in the admission of premier institutions. Often, the incidents of cheating and corruption are results of such stressful condition among the students. Such similar situation might also crop up when the students are appearing for competitive examinations such as GATE, IAS, and others.

Undoubtedly, the mode of digital education is changing, and the students can learn at a fast pace. This mode of self-learning helps students discuss the doubts with the online course assistance team and the virtual learners. In this way, the students are able to get certification on the desired course at a nominal fee. This method of learning is poles apart from the traditional mode of learning which is followed by most of the Indian schools even today. Also, if you look into the good influence of technology in today’s preparation for any competitive exams, then it is massive. When appearing for exams like GATE, IIT, and other exams, with the help of technology and online based study materials, the candidate is sure to enhance the practice power and boost his or her overall preparation.

How would the reforms help the education system?

If you look into the changes in the educational system in the past few years, it can well understand that the higher secondary education and the undergraduate program are rigorous enough to make the students competent. If the Indian education system is planning to incorporate training modules, technology-based learning and skill tests in the curriculum then it would be highly accepted among the students. It would further help students to join the desired workforce after completing their undergraduate degree easily. The technology-based knowledge and the training module would help them to acquire extra knowledge which they can easily implement in the professional world. By this, there would be no need to enroll for any training programs apart from school and college curriculum.

In some of the government sector departments, training is provided to the students are joining such as IAS, banking sector and others. If something similar is introduced to the students in the school level, then it would be easier for them to cope up with the departmental trainings easily. Therefore, it is clearly discernible that the future of learning is changing in a fast pace. To make quality education possible at every corner of India and make it easier for the students to crack the toughest exams such as GATE, IIT, and others, it is necessary to introduce adequate infrastructure, technology, and trained faculty. Even if it sounds to be a challenging task, the educational reform can be based on certain factors.

Reform should be based on the following points

  • Appropriate curriculum – it is important to design the curriculum in such a way that it becomes easier for the students to understand and meet the requirement of the industry standards.
  • Options – Keeping wide educational opportunities would help students and make it flexible for them to adopt with the necessary changes in future.
  • Quality faculty – Engaging and retaining top teaching talent is essential and should be the key concern of any educational institute. Given the present situation, the salary structure and the privileges provided to the teachers, the standard is actually low. But there is necessity to bring in quality teacher in the educational field to help the meritorious students achieve their desired goal easily.

Declining condition of the students

According to statistics, it can be said that more than 80% of students graduating from college find it challenging to get a secured position in the desired industry. Even if they are offered service by any company, the candidate has to go through the training of six or more months and make them eligible for productive work. Other than this, some factors such as health, energy, and water should be considered due to lack of students pursuing for higher education.

To get access to private coaching centers, the guardians are spending more than one-third of their income. The people belonging to the lower strata of the society are selling off their assets in order to send their children to better and higher education.

Other changes in the higher education system

After completing the school education, the college and the universities should train the individuals in such a way that they are capable and are able to meet any industry requirements. With both innovation and research, the colleges and universities are preparing the individuals for a better career. However, when you look into the growth of the digital learning method, you will be able to grasp a better idea about its impact on the education system.  

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