How To Fix Mac That is Running Slow

Today it’s difficult to find a person who doesn’t use a laptop, that wonderful technological miracle. An easy and relatively compact assistant can come to our aid at any time, but in time, it may need our help the same way.

Today we will talk about Mac and its performance. From the first day of purchase, Mac will fly fast as archer’s arrow, it will please you with its progressiveness, power. But there is such a thing that you may forget, and this is feedback. Our equipment needs our care, but many users forget about it.

Here’s a source article that was a basis for this post where you will find ways to help your little metal friend, whose speed is rapidly decreasing.

When Have You Checked Free Space on Your Hard Drive?

This is one of the most common problems. People download everything from games to pictures, movies, music, and then forget to delete unnecessary, don’t sort by important and not important. Everything is stored in one place, and this greatly hinders the work of Mac.

To eliminate this, you need to overpower yourself, and finally disassemble a bunch of unnecessary things, and then run the verification program for unnecessary hidden files.

Remember Which Version of MacOS Do You Have

Updates of OS system come out sometimes, and you can not always follow it, or just can not allocate time to install the update. The reason that some programs or games began to load a long time could be in the outdated operating system.

Installing an update is quite an easy task. You have to download the latest available macOS from App Store, and after downloading the data, then have to agree with the installer’s requests that will appear at the monitor. After a couple of minutes, the laptop is ready to use with awesome speed.

How Many Tabs Are Currently Open

Yes, it can also affect the speed of the device when working on the internet. Countless tabs load slow and take a power in the background. Try not to open more than nine contemporaneously, and you will notice a significant improvement when working in the browser.

What Do You Choose – “Sleep Mode” or “Shutdown”?

There is a very big difference between these two functions. Sleep mode, it’s a dream at lunch hour, it gives a little strength, but doesn’t restore the body completely. “Shutdown” is comparable to a night, full rest, with a full reset of the body and mind. This is exactly what happens with the technique. It also needs a full cleanup of the cache, and those files that are stored on the clipboard, while using the device. At the time of shutdown, all programs that started by default are closing, and you could forget about them.

How Many Apps Start Running When You Turn ON Your Laptop?

If you faced the problem of long-running applications or boot time, then one of the main reasons is a large number of programs that open simultaneously with the start of the computer. They take some of the power and continue to do it in the process of working Mac.

To prevent this, you have to configure all autoruns. Exclude all unnecessary applications using System Preferences, then click the “Users and Groups” item. The next step should be made in the tab “Login Items.” Here you can use a filter to remove all unnecessary programs that are at the startup. By doing this, Mac will thank you for an instant start the next time you turn it on.

These simple rules will keep the productivity and health of your MacBook.

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