How to Secure a YouTube Channel by Legal Way

Nowadays everyone is using social media websites for their entertainment. YouTube is a very famous website where anyone can upload their video content, and a global audience will see that. YouTube is renowned among Youngsters for making money because Google is providing an advertisement for videos and paying for the same. So if you have a YouTube channel or if you want to create a channel then you should secure your YouTube channel by legal ways like Company registration, Logo Registration, and Trademark registration, it will give you constitutional rights and prevents others to copying your content and your name and logo.

What is YouTube Channel?

YouTube is a social media platform where anyone can upload their videos on the website. For uploading a video, you have to create a channel. A YouTube Channel is a member’s presence on YouTube. On the channel, you can find all the videos of that member. Every member of the YouTube channel who is uploading videos on YouTube can earn through their YouTube Channel. Nowadays you can make well by your YouTube Channel as Google is giving money on views and for advertisement. If you have a YouTube Channel, then you should secure it because anyone can copy your name and use it.

3 Ways to secure to YouTube Channel

You can secure your YouTube Channel by Legal ways like Trademark registration, Company Registration, and logo registration.

  1. Trademark Registration

Nowadays trademark registration is essential because it is essential to secure our content so no one can copy it. Trademark is a symbol, or words legally registered or established by use as representing a Company or Products. If you are using a unique name/symbol for your YouTube channel, then you should register under Trademark. Trademark registration will give you protection under Intellectual Property Rights. After obtaining a trademark, you will get exclusive rights to use that symbol.

The process of Trademark registration is simple, and you have to fill the form for trademark registration then you have searched for that mark so you will find that if anyone using that mark or not. Then you to choose your class, there are classes for a trademark, so you have to choose yours then you can submit your application. After obtaining Trademark, you can use this on your YouTube channel and if any person using that mark without your person will be liable under Trademark laws.

  1. Company Registration

If your YouTube channel is growing very well, then you should register it under company law. You can start your own film production company. This will help you in many ways after making a company it will be easy to get a loan and other subsidies from the government. And after making a production company, you can produce bigger videos with a huge budget. The process of Company Registration is easy, and first steps are you have to decide that which type of company you want to open. Then you have to obtain Digital signature certificate for director and have to obtain Director Identification number, and you can apply for both on MCA portal. After this, you have to check for name availability which can be done on MCA portal through Spice form and RUN web service. After this, you have filed your MoA and AoA. After successful submission of your form, you will get your company incorporation certificate.

After making a company, you have to comply with the Registrar of Companies every year. You have to file your annual return and financial statements like balance sheet and profit and loss accounts. A Company Registration Fees is approx. 10000 rupees in India.

Now if we talk about the annual compliance then each private limited company have to full fill the Annual ROC Filing Compliance for the same. So ultimately maintaince is nearby 10k in a year but if your youtube channel or media company is running well then it’s a very low amount for the same.

3. Logo Registration

Logo registration is the most important thing because this will makes you unique from others. Your Logo will represent your YouTube Channel so it should be unique from other. Logo registration will give you exclusive rights to use that logo, and it will restrain others. If anyone uses your logo without your permission, then you can sue them. Logo registration will give you legal protection. Without logo registration, anyone can use your logo on their YouTube channel and earn money on your name. The process of Logo registration is simple you can file your application online after successful submission of your form you will get your legal rights on that logo.

Conclusion for How to Secure a YouTube Channel by Legal Way

As you can see that you can secure your YouTube channel by securing your Trademark and Logo Registration. These days it is essential to secure our intellectual property rights because anyone can copy your trademark and logo and then he will use this on his YouTube channel and will earn money by using your logo. You can also register under company law and makes your own company, the process of company registration is natural and after making a company you will get many benefits, and it will be easy for you to earn more money. So you should secure your YouTube channel through these legal ways.

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