Free Download Top 10 Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC 2018 [Updated]

Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC: If You Love ios Apps But You Don’t Have any iPhone Or Apple Device? Don’t Worry Today We Will Share some of great Tricks Which Help you to Run Ios Apps in Your PC/Computer using with the some of the best Free iPhone emulators. So Here we share some of free best IOS Emulators for windows PC 7/8/8.1/10. Many People are searching on the internet for find ” Best iPhone emulator for pc ” OR ” How to Run IOS Apps on the Windows Pc ?.

You Know that Apple is popular for its Awesome IOS Apps And Awesome Games. But Every People Doesn’t Have Apple Device So they Can’t Run These Apps. So Here We provide the Exact solution for that people. So keep reading this article we collect some best IOS based emulator which currently available in Windows platform.

Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC 2017

Best iOS Emulator for Windows PC (7/8/8.1/10)

There are few No of the IOS emulator for Windows is available as compared to the Android emulator To Run apple apps and apple games on your Apple device. In the market many no of the Ios emulator for windows pc is available but here we listed some of the best Ios emulators so that you can easily run your favourite Ios Apps on your Windows pc.

Actually This all the concept is based on the virtualization when we install Ios apps in our windows Pc then emulator is work as like Virtual machine and then run the Ios apps in our windows pc.

As you know that IOS platform is most popular and favourite then Android. And Guys most of the developer is released there apps first launched for the IOS only.

On other side iPhones and its other devices are soo much costly so most of the people are normally buy Android devices this guide is becoming charmed for iOS apps lover, so guys let’s ready for the jump to Best Ios Emulator for windows pc that you need for your computer right now.

What is An emulator ?

Before We start detail guide on the best IOS emulator for windows Pc We first understand what is emulator.emulator is work like as a guest or downloader in you pc.when you install IOS Apps in your windows pc then that emulator work and then it helps you to access the that IOS apps in your windows pc 7/8/10.

Why You Need IOS Emulator (iphone/ipad) ?

Mostly emulator is made for the developer who wants to runs there IOS apps in windows pc.emulator are needed for the runs the multiple OS pc.multiple OS like Windows, Android, IOS, Mac and others. The emulator is like a virtual machine. when you install this emulator on your pc then it works like the virtual machine and acts like another separate operating system which helps to apps for operating on pc.

this virtual machine that provides the support for the operation of the applications which need this support for the run in your pc.and then Apps are runs flawlessly.emulator also work for a specific or multiple OS.

Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC 2018

Here are top 10 Best iOS Emulators for PC


The iOS apps and games are accessed on your PC with this emulator called the iPad emulator. It is developed by using Adobe Air which you can get it for free; however, it does not promise that all the apps may run on it.

This free version is available for those who would want to use the iOS apps on PC and is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Mobile Studio

In this case, the Mobile Studio is regarded to be one of the best Emulators as it has an amazing user-interface and design which is user-friendly; which means that it can be understood by even people who have no much knowledge of computers.

Even though it was discontinued sometime back you can very well use it to run the ‘beta apps’. So the developers who want to do the testing can use this emulator. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone.

Smartface Emulator

Another Emulator that is a great one for PC is the SmartFace Emulator. The cross-platform apps are developed with this.

Comparatively, this emulator seems to work well and it is for free. Again, this emulator is also available for paid version with some of the features being unlocked that help the developers in testing.


Another emulator that works online is the App.IO which can be got by uploading iOS file or Android. Apk file and go on to the next step.

It is one of the best ‘Emulators’ which is easy to navigate and use. However, it might take some time to upload if the net is slow.

You don’t have to install any kind of software and the advantage is that it is available for 7 days on trial.

The sources from where you can access the same are Windows, Mac, Android, and many more of them. Moreover, this emulator is a cloud-based and iOS app can be in sync with and be less worried about the delay or lag.

The compatible devices include Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox.

You can test iOS and Android apps from the cloud storage. This emulator can be used without installing any additional software. A great emulator for beta users, is available online and so can be got through the internet and used with ease.

This can be used for 100 minutes per month after which you will be charged.

iPad Simulator

This is regarded to be the best cloud iOS Emulator for Windows PC. It is seen to be working on Google Chrome. The extension can access all the apps and can be used as iPad without the latter being physically present. This is possible because the functions of iPad can be got from the extension.

Messages can be sent with the help of this extension by using iMessage and also, Siri can be enabled by the long press. You can also store this emulator in the Cloud storage permanently, by drag and drop of iOS app from the windows computer to this simulator.

iPhone Simulator

This simulator requires installation; however, as this acts as one where there is no need for installation on the PC. It works like the iPhone and from the Windows desktop, you can use iOS apps or games whereby the same is integrated with High-end Graphics. All this you can enjoy for free. So get this and use it as a real iPhone without having one with you. It is compatible with Windows.

AirPhone Emulator

Install the Adobe Air on your computer before installing this emulator. It is one of the best iOS Emulators for Windows PC. By installing Adobe Air on the PC, the same can be run without any error getting popped up. The GUI of iPhone is copied by this Emulator allowing the iOS games and apps.

Ninetendo 3Ds

Nintendo game is regarded to be the best in the area of games. Nintendo 3Ds emulator is known to be the best iPhone Emulator for PC and is especially suitable for iOS Games on Windows. It is available for free and can be used for running all kinds of games and it also acts as a support to the 3-D based games. If you are crazy about games, then this would be the right choice for you as it is made for gaming. You can use this Emulator without any plugins and can be also easily used to run the High-end games as well.

The emulator is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and also Android.

Xamarin TestFlight

Running iOS apps on your PC can become easy with the Emulator Xamarin TestFlight, which is now owned by Apple.

This can be used for testing purpose. In other words, the testing of apps can be done under this. Again, the demo of the beta app can be tested with the help of this Emulator.

The testing can be done when the app entitled for testing is based on iOS 8.0 or maybe above it. It is not available for free and you need to pay for the download.

All the above emulators are at your choice and you can select it based on your requirement. Moreover, it depends on the need which would clearly state the kind of emulator to be used.

Sharing the photos or images from the computer to iPhone requires emulators and these are the ones which allow us the choice to select the best-suited emulator which would assist in the best experience while using the emulators accordingly.

It is time that you select which one is the best from the list and enjoys games nothing like before by just a click on the emulator link from internet.

Wrapped Up

These emulators seem to be more effective and exemplarily noted to be put it to use. The latest version of KOPlayer is Android Emulator which enables the running of the Android Applications to be on Windows PC built on x86 Architecture leads to smooth acceleration of hardware.

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