Is the Dark Web Illegal?

Internet is the most wide spread network in today’s world. There are many sections of Internet which are available for public, but apart from this section there is another one which most of the common people are not aware of, it is Dark Web. This is the part of net which will require specific dark web browser, some configurations or different type of authentication to access the same.

Before Dark Web, we must actually learn a bit about the deep web.

Deep Web

Basically the deep web is the part of the World Wide Web which is not indexed by the standard search engines to save the information available there from the normal people.

On Deep Web we have many different types of services which offer the same type of mails we do on the surface web. Even things like online banking and some other secrete services are just like as we see on the surface net. There are even some paid services available which are usually protected by a pay wall, these services might include Video on Demand, online magazines and newspapers and even many other.

Now let us move from Deep Web to its sub part the Dark Web which is located inside the deep web.

Dark Web

Dark Web is a sub part of Deep Web, Deep Web have many areas which are still not public. Dark Web is just a small part of the same. Here there can be small friend-to-friend peer-to-peer networks which we can operate when we have the right credentials or there are popular networks such as Tor which is also referred to as onion land.

Origin of the Dark Web

Dark web is one of the most hidden things from the general public, not for the cause that government and people who know wants to remain it hidden, although this is also correct for some part. But the main thing is there is a lot of a wrong thing spread about the Dark Web which leads to people trying to escape the Dark Web in order to be on a safer side.

Dark Web originally was created by the US Government, so that the spies who used to work for the Government can get a complete anonymous form, and even can save the information from being hacked or tracked down. Basically the Dark Web have a number of encryption layers just like the onion, hence US Government named its domain as .onion and we call the browser as Onion Router.

So let us now talk is surfing the Dark Web illegal or not.

Is Dark Web Illegal?

When we are talking about the theories, then technically it is not. Because if you are just browsing the dark web and are on the sites which does not hosts contents such as child porn, human trafficking materials then you are safe, and it is not illegal till the point. But we must not browse the normal Dark Web websites too frequently.

On Dark Web we might get many different websites where we can buy and sell drugs, guns, and stolen goods. It’s just like you are at a thief’s market and just visiting the place so it is not illegal until and unless you are going to buy or sell, because then you will intentionally be purchasing illegal goods.

For most of the part, if you are not visiting the dark web daily, then you will not be able to understand what exactly it is. Say for example there is a social media for the Dark Web, for most of the part you will be browsing it, you can easily see that there are no such illegal activates and soon will get that they just want to be anonymous and hence on the dark web rather the surface web.

Most of the countries have their own law, if you are in US then something might be illegal and something might be legal, while if you move to India then there are different things. Moving to different countries changes the definition of illegal and legal according to the government and constitution of the place. So if it is kind of illegal to surf the dark web then we might not say the exact reason why Government is banning it.

In 2014 there were many websites on the dark web which used to traffic narcotics and guns where shut down by federal agencies in US. It is still not clear if they made them down completely or if they just forbidden it to browse or anything else.

Safety Precautions for Dark Web

If by any chance you are going to browse the dark web, then here are some of the safety precautions that you must take in order to be at a safer side:

  1. It’s just like the normal world, so simply don’t trust anyone in the dark web.
  2. Most of the time with dark web your PC can be hacked easily and you can be pictured, so cover your webcam with some thick black tape.
  3. Downloading files from a place which we don’t know is not generally recommended.
  4. Before browsing on the Dark Web, we must disable the java script.
  5. Dark Web have found the police to get information about anyone, so stay aware that anyone on the dark web can be Cop and can lead you the way to the prison.
  6. As we said earlier until and unless you are buying stuffs on the dark web you are not doing anything illegal, so never buy stuffs on the dark web.

So basically Dark Web is not the thing many people think of, it is just a simple internet area which is kind of restricted just for the cause that it is used for government officials and other people. As the area is kind of restricted and hard to track, other people also started using it for a different kind of use which might be illegal, hence for most of the part it does.

If you are not the authorized person to view the Government hidden documents, or you are watching some sort of any illegal website on the .onion domain, then you might be tracked down via the Government and which might lead to imprisonment. Although people do use Dark Web for their research work and you can also use it for the same.

Do let us know if you have any kind of doubts related to Dark Web in the comment section below.

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