How to Make Your Brand Stand Out From the Competition on Social Media

With the current buzz on the use of social media for business, it may be frustrating trying to get your brand to top the charts. Social media is increasingly becoming the most preferred method of advertising and the traditional methods are being phased out.
According to a forecast by Statista, there is a projection of over 3 billion social media users by 2021. It is a good look for the business, but the competitive nature of the arena can put you at your wit’s end. It is true that getting a good Facebook URL share may not be as easy as it looks.
You don’t need to go through too much trouble to make your brand stand out. A few tips on how to make it happen will help you go a long way. The following are among the essential tips to implement to make your brand win.

1. Visibility

Of the most important ways to make your brand shine is improving its visibility. You should not expect much reaction when you have an offer going on if people are not so familiar with your brand.
If you are building your authority from scratch, you need to make your brand as visible as possible. There is so much you could do concerning visibility. Social media platforms present you with endless opportunities to promote your brand.
You could make use of paid ads and influencers to build a reputation for your brand.

2. Use strong visuals

Statistics show that 74% of social media marketers use visual assets for their marketing. What does this tell you? Utilizing visual assets in your social media marketing will undoubtedly make your brand stand out.
Using quality images and videos will do a great job in attracting new followers and retaining the ones you already have. Getting creative with your visuals will also reflect a feel of your brand, and it will be easier for your followers to identify with it.

3. Be authentic

Originality is everything. Why would someone choose a mimic over the original product? There would be no reason to. Which is why you need to use a unique brand voice. It may not be the easiest of tasks, but it is worth it.
Go an extra mile and use a different angle on sales talk to develop an image that is entirely unique. Remember that your goal is to stand out from the competition: not to blend in with your competition. That is reason enough to motivate you to try and be original in all ways possible.

4. Understand your audience

Yes, you will have to devote some effort here. You will need to put in some time or even a few pennies to understand the demographics of your audience.
You need to know who uses the different social media platforms. For instance, Pinterest is more popular among the female population, therefore, if your target audience is the women you should consider working with Pinterest.
Also knowing what your audience likes to engage with, the problems they are facing and their trends in using social media will help you come up with better strategies.

5. Be consistent

To earn your brand recognition from your audience, you need to be consistent. What is the importance of being consistent? Consistency allows your brand to create more engagement with your audience.
The best way to go about it is by being consistent with your voice, in that you should always share content that is relevant to your audience. Do not spread yourself too short. Also, find a middle point in how often you post your content. You can get a little help with this by incorporating scheduling tools.

Last but not least, your aesthetics should have consistency too. Too many hashtags can prove to be ineffective. Posts that are too long will also be a burden to the reader. Ensure that your visuals are also appealing. Be consistent with a particular theme also.
Remember that human beings are visual creatures and they will naturally be attracted to visuals that are aesthetically appealing.
If you pay attention to the mentioned factors, you will be surprised by how much they could contribute to making your brand to stand out.

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