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In this post, I will talk about the Snoopza mobile tracker Android app’s feature. I have shared my own opinion in this post about this app and I┬ácan bet, it will be different than other site’s information and review. Snoopza is a spy phone app for Android. So hope you will like this post.

Snoopza Features

So here are some of the features of Snoopza mobile tracker. You will get almost each and every required feature by this app. Hope you will like all these features.


This app is undiscoverable in the smartphone. That mean, if you have installed it on your targeted user phone, then no one can find this app to remove this app.

Tracking Remotely

You can track all the activity remotely anywhere on any device just with your credentials. So this is the good feature to track all the activity to anyone, and also you do not need his/her phone.

Low Price

The price is low as compared to other services. So you do not need to pay a huge subscription. You may go with small one.

Facebook, Viber & WhatsApp Tracking

You can track user’s Facebook, Viber, Whatsapp messages, and conversation. It allows you to save media files also, like photos, video, and recordings which were done over the Facebook conversation.

Sim Card Notification

This is one of the good features of this mobile tracker app. It will help you when your mobile will be stolen. Sim card replacement feature sends a notification every time when the user changes the sim card. When the thief will change new sim card, then you will get a notification that sim has been changed along with the number.

Automatic front camera photo

This mobile tracker app takes a photo every time from the front camera when the user unlocks the screen. This is an automatic feature of the app.

Text Messages and Call

This app tracker allows you to track each incoming and outgoing calls. It has also SMS tracker, by which you can track every sent and received text messages as well MMS too.

Geolocation Tracking

This app allows you to track the almost exact location of the targeted user or device. It uses Wi-fi signals, towers as well GPS to get the exact location, then it delivers to your account. So anytime, anywhere you can get to know about the targeted user, that where he is or where she is. This is a good feature as well.

Wrapping up

Thank you so much for being on this post. Here in this post, I have reviewed the Snoopza app for android. Hope you liked this features. Feel free to comment below, that you liked this post or not. Meanwhile, don’t forget to share this post on social media along with your friends.

7 thoughts on “Snoopza Review : Free Spy Apps for Android”

  1. Why are we not able to track any whatsapp, facebook and photo files from the snoopza installed device?

    We only get the Location, Call history and Messages.
    Do we have to pay anything for the access or are there separate snoopza .exe (software) for whatsapp and facebook?

    Kindly, update us.


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