How To Capture DSLR Camera Like Images From Android Smartphone

Are you looking for the answer of how to take DSLR camera like images from your Android Phone? Right, then here you are at very right post. I am going to share you a complete 100% working method to capture DSLR like images in your android phone with blur background. As we know DSLR cameras are professional cameras, which are used for professional photography.

The cost of DSLR cameras are high, so everyone can’t afford a high-cost device only for photo and images click. But now in this era, everyone has a smartphone, and people want to know and learn the professional type photo capturing in their smartphone. So, we decided to provide a tutorial on how to click high-quality DSLR type images with blur background in Android phone.

Don’t worry here I have come up with a complete step by step guide for taking DSLR type images in your smartphone. You just need to follow this guide.

How To Capture DSLR Camera Like Images From Android Smartphone

Below are the steps which you need to follow to learn professional photography


First of all, you need to download an app. For downloading that app Go to the below link and download the app. It is completely free and there is no cost of it.


Once you have downloaded the app, you need to open the app. After opening the app, you will get many options like photosphere, panorama, lens blur, camera, video. Using these options, further, we will learn to take DSLR type images.


After click on the left top three line button and then click on the lens blur and then your camera is open and focus your camera on the object and then click the button and After its say that Slowly raise your device keep subject centered.

After its Automatically start process that you saw in display then after rendering the process after click on the second option on the display.

Step :5
Then after set its exposer and click on the done button.then after you can saw that only object is focus other portion is blur you can also saw by create zoom picture.

this app is not get 100% result like dslr camera but i can definately say that you will saw photo to another friend than it surely say that this is capture by the dslr camera.

we definately say on its because we try this app before day and get some awesome experience.

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