Tips for buying mobiles phones online

Tips for buying mobiles phones online 



Buying a cheap mobile is a very common mission, although not always easy. Good pretty and cheap. We want to have everything and in the world of technology nobody gives you anything. However, when buying, the quality/price ratio is the most important.

Today, we are going to give you a few tips so that when you have to find a cheap cell phone, you are sure that it is a good purchase. They are advice and ideas, there is no infallible method. Simply saying that paying hundreds of bucks for a mid-range is not a good idea and that on cheap mobiles do make a difference.

The rise in resolution of digital cameras has made it possible to democratize quality sensors on mobile phones. Some even display performances to make pale compact devices: these are the photophones!

How to choose?

If the resolution is an important element, do not be blinded by the waltz of the Mega- Pixels: the quality of the lens and the digital zoom play a leading role. There are plenty of offers on mobile phones that help you get decently prices devices.

If you want to replace an entry-level compact, autofocus will be of major importance. Make sure that the phone allows you to choose the focus area yourself.

  • The flash must be double-LED to be powerful enough.
  • That important sensor says weight important photos and videos: the storage capacity of your device should be accordingly. 16 GB is a minimum. Ideally, your smartphone will accept removable memory cards.
  • The video capabilities often go hand in hand with a photo-phone: prefer a powerful device to record and play without jerks in HD 1080p.
  • Almost all of the phones on the market offer a photo sensor but this one is often mediocre and will only serve to best immortalize moments of life on social networks. But some devices play clearly in another court: ISO setting, white balance, various filters, and so on. Gadget enthusiasts will also appreciate the photo editing options that some cameras offer.
  • When you buy a mobile look at the version you are in and if you have the update to Nougat promised. From here we recommend that you DO NOT buy a mobile with a version older than Android 5.1 Lolipop.

For Professionals

While most phones can be used in the workplace, dual-SIM phones go further by allowing two numbers on a single device. Ideal for combining online and pro line! If you want to buy phone at cheap prices then checkout the cashback offers on mobile phones running online.

How to choose pro phone?

  • Dual-SIM phone means concretely that you have two numbers and therefore two subscriptions. Note however that these devices also work with a single SIM;
  • If you travel a lot, autonomy is an important factor to take into account not to break down in the middle of the highway! ;
  • 4G is far from essential, especially if you are traveling abroad: 4G networks are not all identical and your device may not be able to connect to another 4G network than that of your home country! ;
  • Data security is paramount for IT managers. On this point, the Google Play Store is less looking than Apple’s App Store on the quality of the applications submitted to it: you are more likely to fall victim to a voracious application with disastrous consequences for your data on Android than on iPhone!

For a long time, professional phone has rhymed with Blackberry: sending/receiving mail in real time, physical keyboard, and data security constituted the cornerstones of telephony applied in professional environment.

For dependent elderly people

For the majority of seniors in good health, most smartphones are suitable for little that the screen is large enough and of good quality to display the information in a comfortable way. On the other hand, needs change when health declines.

How to choose senior phone?

  • Avoid the proprietary audio jacks; always prefer the standards by opting for a model that has a 3.5 mm Jack connector;
  • A large screen is convenient for viewing keys and calls, even without glasses;
  • Prefer the phone with the most autonomy;
  • If the senior has memory problems, use pre-registered phones with a photo;
  • If the senior has hearing problems, focus on models that are compatible with hearing aids.

Thus, telephones are specially studied for dependent seniors have emerged and stand out radically from other phones: large physical keys (possibly associated with a photo), pre-recorded emergency calls, alarm, GPS positioning to find its way, compatibility with hearing aids, etc.

Their simplicity of use makes them accessible to most seniors, including the most refractory to technology. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to test them in store with the person to whom you intend it: this will allow you to choose the model most suited to his pathology.


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