Top 7 WordPress Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Website Running Smoothly

Your WordPress website starts off perfectly clean and functional, with no hint of clutter and barely any data. However, as time passes and visitors come and go and come back, accumulated data takes a toll on your site and ends up slowing it down. Keeping it fully-functional and fast is important to ensure the constant flow of visitors coming. Here are 7 ways to maintain your WordPress website and keep it running smoothly.

1. Test the functionality

By checking if the website’s functions work perfectly, you’ll see if there’s anything to fix and, at the same time, know if your visitors aren’t having any problems. For example, you can test the forms available on your site, such as sign-ups for newsletters and contact us forms. Another thing you can do is test if your website functions well in different types of browsers on PCs and mobile devices.

2. Regularly check for updates

This is important because updates can optimize your site and protect it from spam as well. Update the WordPress software and theme if new versions are available. Updating the plugins will also go a long way as plugins not up to date can cause various problems in your website. For example, you can search high and low for whatever’s the cause of your problem, only to find out that one of your plugins haven’t been updated.

3. Fix broken links.

This is extremely essential to ensure that your website runs smoothly. Check your navigation and see if the links and urls are all correct. Check the spelling and hyphens carefully. External links such as social media accounts must also be correct as to not confuse your visitors. Broken links will frustrate your customers and cause them to leave your site and possibly not return for good.

4. Uninstall old, unused, or broken themes and plugins.

If you don’t uninstall unused themes and plugins, old data will pile up and will cause your pages to load quite slowly. By uninstalling things you don’t need, the data is no longer loaded on the site, therefore allowing a quicker page load time. You might have noticed that most of the maintenance tips we’re listing are for speeding up your site, and this is because a slow website is caused by poor maintenance, which drives away customers.

5. Clear unneeded data.

As previously said, junk data will slow down your site. Speed it up by optimizing your data and clearing the bits that you don’t need, which is possible with WordPress. Spam comments and revised edits of posts are examples of data you can spare to make room for more important data and fast page loads.

6. Regularly backup your data.

If by some chance, you encounter a glitch that affects the functionality of your entire site, this may be a big problem. By having a backup of your data, you can be assured that having to wipe the whole site is fine so as long as you can upload the backup. There would be no need to recreate the entirety of the website from scratch, saving you a lot of time, money, and effort. Having to recreate your site will also lose you, potential visitors, as well.

7. Do security scans

Doing security scans will decrease the risk of malware, spam, and viruses infecting your site, saving you a lot of time and effort. This also gives your visitors a seamless, problem-free experience with your site, knowing that their safety is not compromised as they browse.

The 7 tips we have advised will surely get your WordPress website up and running quickly and perfectly in no time at all. However, if you want someone else to do it for you, there are various ways to find the WordPress expert for that job. WP Site Plan is one example, as they offer services wherein a WordPress expert runs your website and maintains it for you. It’s all your choice, still, and once you find the method you’re comfortable with, your WordPress site will get the maintenance your visitors deserve.

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